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What They're Saying about the Raiders at Super Bowl LVIII Media Row

On Head Coach Antonio Pierce:

"I think he knows how to inspire and motivate his players. ... He knows how to reach people. He's a great communicator and he's smart." – CBS Sports' Jim Nantz

"It feels like the perfect fit for the organization given everything we've heard from him." – ESPN analyst Mina Kimes

"I think the dynamic of having former players now coaching and being a leader of the younger generation, it resonates with them a little better." – Former NFL player Chad Ochocinco

"One of the head coach's jobs is to inspire and to connect with his players and to motivate them, and that's obviously some of the strengths that Antonio Pierce has." – The Athletic's Mike Jones

"I think he's been really transparent, really honest with the players about who they are and where they have to get better. I think players relate to that. He's a guy who played the game at the highest level." Former Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon

On General Manager Tom Telesco:

"He's been a high-level talent evaluator for a long, long time. Even before he got to the Chargers, the Colts really leaned on him. He was one of Bill Polian's right hand guys as they built teams that contended for championships there in Indianapolis for all those years with Peyton Manning as the quarterback." – Sports Illustrated NFL reporter Albert Breer

"He's a very good drafter. I would say he's someone who is very prudent. If he's going to take a big swing at something, he has to be absolutely sure." – NFL Network's Ian Rapoport

On Maxx Crosby:

"He's a rare character. A rare character that plays harder than anybody else in the league. I think he's the most advanced defensive lineman in the league." – NFL Network's Brian Baldinger

"Maxx has a lot of JJ Watt in him. It's not anything other than his effort. I love his effort. Skill can get you so far, but effort can take you further. What I see when i watch him is just high-energy." – Former NFL player Cam Newton

"There isn't a guy who works harder. There isn't a guy who cares more. There isn't a guy who give 110% more than this kid does." – UFC's Dana White

On Allegiant Stadium:

"When you go to Raiders games, it's got a Vegas feel, but it still has the tradition that those of us have been around long enough remember." – CBS Sports reporter Evan Washburn

On offensive coordinator Luke Getsy:

"Luke's really smart. Luke is likable and will get the respect of the players. ... From a scheme perspective, an adaptable scheme I think and one that's built on those McVay/Shanahan tenants which is, the term they use is illusion of complexity. It's complex for the defense but simple for your own players." – Sports Illustrated NFL reporter Albert Breer

"I think Luke Getsy is a really good hire. He had some challenges in Chicago. The early part was tough, but got them running the ball real well. ... He did a good job with Justin Fields, really did." – NFL Network's Ian Rapoport

"He's a really sharp mind." – NFL Network's Tom Pelissero

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