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Wilson Hitting His Stride


Q: You're leading the team with 2.0 sacks this season; what's been working for you so far?

Wilson:"Just taking coaching. First, I give all the glory and honor to God, but it's been a tough year for us on defense, transitioning and finding our identity, trying to get together as a team. I just came in there and made plays at the right time. I was in at the right time I feel, just in the right spot. Coach T [Defensive Line Coach Terrell Williams] has been doing a great job with us every day just working on different pass rush moves and games and all that. I feel like once the sacks start piling up, I want to say that we can be top of the league in sacks, because we have the guys to do it."

Q: What did you see on the play on Sunday where you brought Philip Rivers down?

Wilson:"Like I said, I was just fighting through my gap and it was a team effort. The coverage was great. He [Rivers] didn't have anywhere to throw it, so he was pumping the ball anyway, and he happened to step in my gap and I made the play when I had an opportunity to make it. I made a play."Q: You guys have had some problems getting off the field on third down; what would you attribute that to?

Wilson:"Everybody. Sometimes the rush is there and the coverage is bad. Sometimes the coverage is there and the rush is bad and vice versa. We're still gelling together and once we get our identity and gel together finally, it's going to be very, very, very noticeable. We're going to be very, very, very tough."

Q: Carson Palmer played with a lot of guys that are in this locker room, what does he do that has allowed him to stay in the league for so long and be so effective?

Wilson:"When you look at him on film, he makes the throws when they're there, and he makes some unbelievable throws. He takes the hits and makes the throws. He's a tough quarterback and he's very accurate. He's just as good as [Philip] Rivers was last week, the way he makes the throws that are there and he squeezes them in tight holes and he makes the plays. He's not in the league for no reason. He's a good player, a great player actually."

Q: Larry Fitzgerald hasn't had the type of year that many people thought he would, but is he still someone you guys have to key on defensively?

Wilson:"Oh yeah, most definitely. Fitzgerald is a future Hall of Fame player and you have to always have your eye on him and make sure that you lock him, double cover. He's one of those guys that you double team and keep your eye on. We definitely knows he's a threat, but we know it's going to take a team effort to bring this team down."

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