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Zach Miller Looks To Improve


Q:  You guys have already seemed to have found a rhythm and Jason Campbell's throwing to you a lot and that kind of thing.  Is that the one part of your game over three years where you think, "I've got to get in the end zone?"

Zach Miller: Definitely, easily one of the biggest things we've got to get done because you look around, tight ends are huge in the red zone throughout other teams.  We haven't had a lot of chances, especially last year, in the red zone, so I know that that's definitely a big point of emphasis of camp, getting me the ball in the red zone.

Q: Is it the chances do you think, the amount of times that you're down there?

Zach Miller: I think some of it's that.  I think some of it is coaching style, but you know, we haven't had as many opportunities as a lot of teams down there in the red zone.  You know, no one's been scoring touchdowns, but I think that's finally going to change this year.

Q: When you look at your stats, every year they've gotten better, there's been a steady progression.  Is that the one column you look that that sticks in your craw a little bit?

Zach Miller: Yeah, you know, you see other guys around the league, the other tight ends scoring lots of touchdowns and you get a little envious, you want to be in there scoring the touchdowns and I believe this year will be the year, finally, it comes.

Q: It's funny, because you think of tight ends and you think of reds zones and the ten's and the twelve's and all those little plays that you should….come on, 80, 63, I think, against the Chargers, we need to some more home touchdown plays.

Zach Miller: I mean you saw that I had a couple, finally, in the red zone last year where they're not easy touchdowns, but not tough.  You're running for a long ways and you're scoring and you're catching the ball and you're in the end zone.  Red zone plays we drew up and they worked like we wanted  them to, when we finally had the opportunity.  When we get in the red zone, we can call those plays and when you're down there a lot, everyone starts scoring touchdowns.  So I think that with an improved offensive passing game we'll have more opportunities in the red zone.

Q: Did you sort of make the connection right away that he (Campbell) throws a lot to the tight end?

Zach Miller: I knew he did so as soon as he got here, I was like let's make sure we develop this right off the bat and get some chemistry right away.

Q: Because he had Chris Cooley...

Zach Miller: …Cooley and the backup guy.  He was throwing to him too.  Definitely looking forward to catching a lot of passes from him.

Q: Can you feel the chemistry growing already?  Do you feel like you're starting to click a little more?

Zach Miller: Oh yeah, through OTAs we started developing that chemistry, that rapport with each other and then he started trusting me more and more and I started making plays for him and then you get that trust and he knows where I'm going to be out of my breaks.  He knows timing, what my routes look like, so we've been developing that, we're going to do that even more now.

Q: Impressions of him so far are pretty good?

Zach Miller: Yeah, obviously we have a lot of confidence.  We're going to be an improved offense.  I just can't wait to see us in action and finally get to do some real stuff out here against our defense and finally in preseason games. We can finally start to see how it's going to come together.

Q: What would you say is his biggest strength?  Is it accuracy, or what do you think is the best?

Zach Miller: Yeah, he's a real accurate quarterback.  You can see that by his completion percentage, where he's been and he makes good decisions with the ball.  If it's not there or worried a defender might be there, he's just going to check it down to a back and do what he can with the chains.

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