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"100 percent good to go"


Q: How's it going so far? I'm sure they're throwing a bunch of stuff at you.**

Brown:"Yeah, definitely. It's a new playbook, a new team and terminology, so I'm just out here trying to get everything down first day."

Q: From when you got let go with the Chargers to now, what were you doing those couple of weeks; were you still needing to get healthy?

Brown:"Yeah, a lot of rehab. Mostly rehab, and just making sure my calf was right, and just trying to get back in order; that was pretty much it."

Q: So you're 100 percent healthy right now?

Brown:"Yeah, 100 percent good to go, playing and everything, so I'm just trying to work in and mix in with these guys."

Q: What does it mean for the Raiders to give you a shot? I'm sure it wasn't a nice feeling to not be on a team.

Brown:"Yeah, it was a blessing to still be able to play football and to able to come out here to Oakland and continue my career as a Raider. I'm excited for it. I'm happy for it and I just want to mix in and do what I can."

Q: Do you have a chip on your shoulder?

Brown:"Definitely. You always have a little chip on your shoulder playing this game, so it's just something added to it, and like I said, I just want to come out here and work with these guys and help this team win."

Q: What was it about these guys that attracted you to want to come out here and try?

Brown:"It was a good fit, a good situation. They already have a lot of good talent on this team, so like I said, I'm just trying to come out here and mix in with these guys and do what I can to help this team win."

Q: How different is this offense? Are there similarities to what you've run in the past? Is it learning something completely new?

Brown:"New system, new terminology. That's probably the hardest part about the whole thing right now, just trying to get all that. My head's swimming and just trying to slow everything down at the moment, but like I said, similar plays but different terminology."

Q: Impressions of your new quarterback [Derek Carr]?

Brown:"He's the real deal. I heard a lot about him, and just watching him and things like that, so I'm excited to be able to work with him."

Q: Do you think you can contribute right away?

Brown:"Hopefully. It's all dependent on how fast I can get the offense and get adjusted to the system and just get acclimated with these guys."

Q: How long does it take? It's one thing to be acclimated well enough to get out there and play; it's another thing to really feel like you know the playbook.

Brown:"It's all on me, how fast I dive into the playbook. Get with the coaches and just try to get everything, digest everything as quickly as I can."

Q: So the coaches have you told that it's up to you to how quickly you can be brought up to speed and everything?

Brown:"Yeah, definitely. Like I said, it's on me and as much as I can get working and try to get in as fast as I can."

Q: What do you feel like you bring as a player?

Brown:"Just big-play ability. I'm sure handed and just trying to make plays whenever the opportunity comes."

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