49ers HC Jim Harbaugh on Raiders Week


Q: How odd is it that the last time the Raiders had a winning year, you were here? Have you thought about that?

Coach Harbaugh: "No."

Q: What are your impressions of Derek Carr?

Coach Harbaugh:"I like his ability to throw the football and his leadership ability, his toughness."

Q: When you see a team that has veteran guys like Justin Tuck and Charles Woodson, and they're coming off a 52-0 loss, what does that tell you about what you're going to get the next week?

Coach Harbaugh:"They're a very stingy defense. Some of the people you mentioned, Justin Tuck, you can see his leadership, and Charles Woodson, in his 17th year, he is running around and playing physical, undercutting routes, tackling. It's very impressive what he's doing. They've got some very good young players. They're well-coached. They play extremely hard. They're very stingy on every yard."

Q: Playing against a guy like Tarell Brown, what's that going to be like? I'm sure you guys had a good relationship.

Coach Harbaugh:"I had a very good relationship with T. Brown, and it's good to see him playing well. His instincts, his feel for the game, knowledge for the game and his ability, effort, and talent level all show up."

Q: What do you think of the rivalry?

Coach Harbaugh:"Good question. Every week seems like a rivalry week from our standpoint."

Q: You've spoken highly of your time with Al Davis. What kind of impact did he have on your coaching philosophy?

Coach Harbaugh:"So much. He had a profound, positive effect and outcome on my entire life, both professionally and with my family as well. I'm forever thankful and have much gratitude for the time that I spent there with the organization and working for Mr. Davis. In memory of Mr. Davis, respect for Mr. Davis, that we're playing the Raiders, it's about the football game. That's the way we'll approach it as well."

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