49ers WR Anquan Boldin on Battle of the Bay


Q: When you're playing a team with a lot of respected veterans, guys that you've played against before and respect as competitors and they're coming off of a really tough game, do you think you know what to expect coming into this week?

Boldin:"Definitely. We feel like those guys are going to come out with something to prove. Whenever you have veterans like that, especially coming off the game that they had against St. Louis, they definitely want to make a statement and those guys are playing for pride, so you can never underestimate that."

Q: In your career you've probably had some games where it just went bad from the very beginning. How did you usually respond?

Boldin:"You want to come out and play your butt off the next week. The only medicine for a loss like that is to come out and win the following week so I'm sure that's what is on their mind."

Q: You obviously have experience with Tarell Brown, but what else do you see when you watch the Raiders on film?

Boldin:"I think they play hard on defense. I played against a lot of those guys, a lot of the veterans. I've played with Antonio [Smith], so I know what kind of guys that they have and like I said, those are guys that are going to come out and play their butts off. Those are not guys who are going to lay down. So, we know we're going to be in for a fight on Sunday."

Q: Have you found that all the outside talk about Coach Harbaugh and Trent Baalke and Jed York is something that brings you together and motivates you or something that you disregard?

Boldin:"It's something that we don't pay attention to at all. Honestly, whether it's true or not, we can't control what people are saying or all that outside noise. Our job is to come in here and do our job well and that's to come in and play and prepare each week, so that's what we do. Everybody outside, we let them talk and we just come in and try to do our job."

Q: Does Coach Harbaugh's approach naturally lend itself to tunnel vision?

Boldin:"Yeah, I think so. For us, we try to eliminate as many distractions as possible and we just feel like that's another one. Like I said, it doesn't help us win, so it's not something that we pay attention to."

Q: How much does the extra couple days to prepare and rest up help?

Boldin:"I think it helps out, especially at this point in the season when you have a couple of extra days for guys to heal up. You look at it as a mini bye week. A lot of teams aren't fortunate, especially this time of year, to have days off where guys can try to recoup and get healed up, so we definitely look at it as a plus."

Q: Do you expect the intensity to be similar to a division rivalry?

Boldin:"I just expect it to be an NFL game. Each week in the NFL you're going to have guys come out and compete their butts off and I expect nothing less than that this week."

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