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Alec Ingold and Darren Waller surprise students at Jack Dailey Elementary with memorable lunchtime 

On a Tuesday in late-January, Alec Ingold and Darren Waller weren't on vacation somewhere tropical.

Still just a few weeks removed from the conclusion of the 2019 NFL season – a marathon in and of itself – the pair of Raiders weren't on the beach, reveling in their collective, very impressive campaigns in Silver and Black.

Instead, they were in Las Vegas, handing out lunches to first and second graders at Jack Dailey Elementary School.

"As a member of this community for so long, I think that it's just exciting to have a team of our own, and for our kids to feel that ownership as well," said school principal Cheryl Trupp.

Ingold and Waller's charitable day was just the latest in a long line of events that has become an organizational pillar of the Silver and Black since the announcement of its relocation to Las Vegas, and the two Raiders' stars were more than happy for their turn to give back Tuesday.

"Just paying it forward as much as possible," said Ingold when asked about the importance of his volunteerism. "You just want to be a part of a community growing up, and we're trying to pay it forward as best we can. It's great, a great opportunity."

"Kids are always thirsting for knowledge," added Waller. "They want to know the truth. They don't have any real filter at this age, they just want to know honesty, and they just want to see people that are really going to help them, and shape themselves going forward."

After passing out the lunches, Ingold and Waller spent the entire lunch period mingling with the students, answering questions, and providing a collective, memorable experience for the kids at Jack Dailey Elementary School.

"These guys [Ingold and Waller] were just so nice, and just spent some time with our kids, and just really got to know them," Trupp said. "I'm appreciate of how that's going to go moving forward."

Jack Dailey Elementary is a Title I School where the majority of the student population meets the requirements of the Nevada Department of Agriculture to receive Community Eligibility Provision (CEP). With CEP status, all students receive breakfast and lunch including those that are low-income and unable to pay.

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