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An itinerary for every Raiders road game during the 2024 season

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Back on the road they go.

The Las Vegas Raiders will travel over 23,000 miles across 34 time zones for nine road games this upcoming season. The amount of traveling that comes along with a NFL season can be intense, but Raider Nation is just as intense as a fanbase. Through rain or storm, they'll show up for the Silver and Black.

While the Raiders are the main course of any fan's trip, there's plenty of attractions, hangout spots and restaurants to visit in each of these unique cities. I've been fortunate to enjoy a few of these locations and am excited to knock a few more stadiums on my list.

Here's a personalized travel guide for Raider Nation including total air miles from Las Vegas, stadium reviews and sights to see for each road game.

Week 1 & Week 7 • Los Angeles Chargers & Los Angeles Rams • SoFi Stadium

Roundtrip Air Miles: 926 (463 roundtrip miles per game)

Time Zones Traveled: 0

These two games for the Silver and Black will be the shortest travel time of the season, making it an easy commute for Las Vegas residents. And let's be honest, Raider Nation will more than likely pack out SoFi Stadium for both of these games. The franchise notably spent 12 seasons in Los Angeles, and the city is still a hotbed for the franchise's fanbase.

SoFi Stadium is one of the newest stadiums in the league, able to sit over 70,000 fans. It has great natural lighting, palm trees surrounding the stadium, several lounges for fans to enjoy and a massive 4K video board over the field with 80 million LED pixels and a dual-sided elliptical shape. My only complaint would be it's artificial turf field (I'm more of a grass guy). Considering turf is easier to manage between two teams that share the stadium, it makes sense.

There's no shortage of attractions around the LA area either with the Sunset Strip, Manhattan Beach and the Hollywood Walk of Fame within proximity.

Week 2 • Baltimore Ravens • M&T Bank Stadium

Roundtrip Air Miles: 4,208

Time Zones Traveled: 6

Fortunately for Raider Nation, it won't be too cold in Maryland around mid-September. But I'm not a meteorologist, so you never know.

The Silver and Black will go from facing Jim to John Harbaugh to begin the season. M&T Bank Stadium can get pretty loud as the stands are packed with a passionate fanbase that has a lot to be excited about with two-time MVP Lamar Jackson behind center. The Raiders defense will have an uphill battle combatting Jackson and the home crowd.

Baltimore is a convenient 40-mile commute from Washington D.C. for any fans who want to visit the nation's capital during the Week 2 escapade. Baltimore also abounds with American history, touted as the hometown of figures such as Frederick Douglass, Edgar Allan Poe, Billie Holiday and Babe Ruth. Personally, I'm a huge museum nerd, and if you fit the same mold, there's more than enough options to spend an afternoon at.

Week 5 • Denver Broncos • Empower Field at Mile High

Roundtrip Air Miles: 1,217

Time Zones Traveled: 2

Another hostile divisional atmosphere that will be a fun one for the Silver and Black.

The Raiders haven't lost a game at Mile High since 2019, most recently besting the Broncos in a 17-16 nail-biter last season. While there's a strong sense of animosity between the two teams, there's also a feeling of respect among the two original AFL franchises that I've always felt inside the stadium. This will be another trip on the shorter side of travel time for Raider Nation, with a nonstop flight from Las Vegas to Denver averaging around 90 minutes.

Denver is a scenic city, with top sight-seeing destinations including the Denver Botanical Gardens and Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre. One of my coworkers, who is a Colorado native, advised me that Green Chile is one of Denver's staple dishes that you have to try at least once.

Week 9 • Cincinnati Bengals • Paycor Stadium

Roundtrip Air Miles: 3,367

Time Zones Traveled: 6

This will be the team's first trip back to Cincinnati since their wild card playoff game in 2021. The Bengals came away with a 26-19 victory in the tightly-contested matchup, sending the Raiders home and continuing their run to the Super Bowl.

This could be one of the first games of the season where the weather plays a factor, considering Paycor Stadium is an outdoor football stadium in the midwest. It's definitely the kind of place you'd want to be bundled up at in early November. As for the city of Cincinnati, a riverboat tour on the Ohio River seems like the way to go. Their local restaurant that gets all the rave is Skyline Chili, which I've been told is an acquired taste.

Week 11 • Miami Dolphins • Hard Rock Stadium

Roundtrip Air Miles: 4,348

Time Zones Traveled: 6

The Miami trip will be the longest the Raiders make this season, but the opponent and the city will make it well worth it for fans.

This will be bit of a revenge game of sorts, as the Raiders suffered a 20-13 defeat to the hand of the Dolphins last year. While Miami's offense is expected to be explosive as ever with Tua Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, the Silver and Black took away a big piece of their defense away by signing Christian Wilkins. I expect this to be one of the most competitive games on the schedule.

Here are a few fun facts about Hard Rock Stadium: The stadium was strategically built to provide more shade for the home team's sidelines than the visiting team. Additionally, the Dolphins routinely wear white jerseys at home to absorb and retain less heat in the humid South Florida weather.

As for things to do before heading to the game, Miami's vibe is essentially Las Vegas with beaches. If you want glitz and glam, head to South Beach. If you want calm and relaxation, head to Boca Raton. And if you want a little bit in between, head to Fort Lauderdale. All of these cities are in a 20-mile radius of the stadium at Miami Gardens.

Week 13 • Kansas City Chiefs • GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium

Roundtrip Air Miles: 2,298

Time Zones Traveled: 4

Oh, Arrowhead Stadium.

This road game against the two-time defending champions will certainly be one of the loudest and most hostile atmospheres. Arrowhead still holds the Guinness World Record for stadium noise at 142.2 decibels. For context, that's louder than a jet engine taking off. But I must say, the noise didn't seem to bother the Raiders last season on Christmas Day.

As for attractions, I'd suggest barbecue, barbecue and guess what else – more barbecue. My personal favorite spot is the nationally acclaimed Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que, which was a gas station converted into a restaurant. I've also heard rave reviews from KC locals about Gates Bar-B-Q and Q39.

Week 14 • Tampa Bay Buccaneers • Raymond James Stadium

Roundtrip Air Miles: 3,968

Time Zones Traveled: 6

After traveling to Miami Week 11, the Raiders will be back in Florida for a matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers three weeks later. The Silver and Black haven't played an away game against the Bucs since 2016.

I've never personally been to Tampa, Florida, or Raymond James Stadium, but I've always thought the pirate ship and cannon in the end zone was a nice touch since I was a kid. There's also a lot of history tied to the stadium, having hosted three Super Bowls.

I had to consult with one of my best friends from college, who is a Tampa, Florida, native, for suggestions. Like Miami, anywhere surrounded by water is a hot spot, including Sparksman Wharf downtown and the nationally acclaimed Florida Aquarium.

Week 17 • New Orleans Saints • Caesars Superdome

Roundtrip Air Miles: 3,020

Time Zones traveled: 4

The Big Easy will definitely be a fun trip for Raider Nation.

For starters, Caesars Superdome has a vibrant feel to it, with the "Who Dat" crew being some of the more passionate fans in the league. The Saints' home turf is the second-oldest operating stadium the Raiders will play in this season, having opened in 1975. The environment could be a bit more intense than usual with Derek Carr facing his former team.

In my completely unbiased opinion, New Orleans is the best city on this schedule for foodies. You won't have to go too far out of the way to find a good Po' boy sandwich, crawfish or soul food. This might be a touristy suggestion, but securing a beignet and coffee from Cafe Du Monde is a must. You can't miss at any of the plethora of sports bars and clubs in the French Quarter, especially on Bourbon Street.

Take a look at when and where the Las Vegas Raiders will face their opponents for this upcoming season.

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