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Ask Coach Jackson


Question from Jim Hoggard: How do you balance having a quality back up at the quarterback position with not creating a controversy if the starter struggles at the beginning of the season?

Coach Jackson: I think your starter is your starter. Obviously Jason Campbell is our starter and we have Kyle Boller as our backup right now. We need to add some more arms to that position and I think we will as we continue to move forward. I think you never worry as a starter who else is on the team. We treat all of our players here at that position as starters so they go and prepare and get themselves ready to play week in and week out. I think a backup here will tell you that he knows he's a play away and that he's always prepared to go in and play. I don't think there will be any controversy here. Obviously we expect our quarterback to play great and play at a high level. If he's not meeting those demands then we will work accordingly to get him to meet those demands. We truly believe in the guy we anoint as our starter and barring injury or some unforeseen reason do we see that changing at all.

Question from Miguel Gomez: What does it take for the Raiders to bring back that Commitment to Excellence?

Coach Jackson: It takes Commitment to Excellence. It takes commitment in excellence in all that we do, the way we prepare, the way we practice, the way we travel, the way we eat, how we sleep, how we condition our bodies and take care of our bodies as we prepare for battle every time we play. We want to chase perfection in everything we do. We set out to do that in all areas for this football team and for this organization. I truly believe if we're committed to being the best then we will be the best.

Question from Nate from North Dakota: What can Raider Nation expect this season during your first year as Head Coach?

Coach Jackson: They will probably see a guy that's very passionate about winning and expects to win all the time. I'm never going to back down from that. I know what the expectations are here. I want to raise the expectations on every level. I've said that since day one. I truly believe that. I believe we have those kind of players. I believe we're going to create an environment for our players to chase greatness. I'm never going to back off of that as long as I'm the head coach here. I think our players understand that. I think they're ready to meet that challenge of what that's truly all about. What that's all about is being a Raider. We expect to do that.

Question from Mark Lopez: Would you consider obtaining a player with major character and personality issues? Yes or no, and why? 

Coach Jackson: Yes, if those character issues I understand and are something I can deal with and something our organization truly believes is either behind the player or we can help the player move beyond those. You have to have certain types of people available to assist in helping the players be all that they can be. No, in the sense that if I can't help the player, I do not want to do anything to damage our team, this organization, or this city. It's not that important. There are so many good players out there, I'm sure we can find one that doesn't have a lot of character flaws. There are certain cases and I think you deal with them on an individual basis and I don't think you worry about it. If you make a decision you're taking them, you do it and you do it with conviction. If you decide not to take them, you do that with conviction and turn away and find the next guy.

Question from Clifford Geigle: Given your experience in other organizations throughout the NFL, is the league-wide perception of the Raiders organization wrong? Furthermore, does this perception broaden itself onto the playing field, in turn leading to questionable calls against our Silver and Black?

Coach Jackson: Yes, I do believe that there is a perception from people that think that we are being treated unfairly. I don't subscribe to that for this reason – until we become the team we want to become, we can't ever worry about that. Until we learn to quit beating ourselves pre-snap with concentration penalties, until we learn to quit beating ourselves turning the ball over, not getting enough turnovers, until we learn to tackle and block the way I think we need to tackle and block, I think all those things are going to be said. When we become the football team that I envision us becoming, I think we leave no doubt. I think what the perception is won't be an issue. The issue is us being as good as we can be as fast as we can be it.

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