Ball: "It's definitely a dream come true"


Q: Did you know that the Raiders were interested? **

Ball:"Yes, I used to talk with the linebackers coach [Sal Sunseri] and the special teams coach [Brad Seely] all the time."

Q: Talk about what it means to be drafted after all that you've been through.

Ball:"Man, it means a lot. It's definitely a dream come true and man, I just feel like I'm just so blessed. I can't really explain the feeling that I'm going through right now."

Q: Besides the obvious serious surgery you had early in your career, you've gone through some other physical issues. Do you feel like you've put all that behind you? Are you ready to go on? Do you feel like all the physical issues are now in your past?

Ball:"Oh yes sir of course. I think I moved on. I think I got over all of those injuries. Man, those things are in the past but they made me better."

Q: Are you fully recovered from the knee surgery now?

Ball:"Yes, sir."

Q: It seems like a lot of the guys the Raiders have picked today, they've liked them because they are versatile. An offensive lineman that can play all five positions, the earlier linebacker plays all three positions. Where do you think you fit in the best? Are you similar in that regard? You can play different areas?

Ball:"Man, I'm trying to fit in wherever the coaches need me and whatever puts us in the best situations to win football games, but I feel like I'm best at planting the ball, covering and pass rushing."

Q: Did you have any special teams experience?

Ball:"Oh, yes sir. I played special teams throughout my whole career at Florida."

Q: Who are you watching the draft with and who were you with when you found out the news?

Ball:"I was with my family – my brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles."

Q: How extensive was the whole offseason process? I'm sure the medical part of it, all the teams wanting to know how you were. Did you go through lots of physicals and things like that?

Ball:"Yes, sir. I went through a lot of stuff, especially at the combine. I was in the hospital like getting X-rays and MRIs for a long period of time and I was just ready for it to be over because I knew I was fine."

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