Bears Head Coach John Fox Discusses Matchup with Raiders


Q: What's it going to be like going up against Jack Del Rio? You guys have a lot of history together.

Coach Fox: "We go way back. When he was the head coach in Jacksonville. Obviously, Jack's a guy I met a long time ago, actually in the 2000 Super Bowl, when he was with the Ravens coaching linebackers. I got the opportunity in Carolina, and brought him on as defensive coordinator and he did a great job for me then. He went on and spent I think nine seasons with the Jaguars. Then I actually brought Jack back to Denver. I thought he did an outstanding job there. It's kind of great to see him get another opportunity there in Oakland."


Q: Does this look like a Jack Del Rio defense to you?**

Coach Fox: "Yeah, I think they've adjusted a little bit over the early part. Like all head coaches, you hire people to do certain parts of the job. I know he's got the two edge guys with Khalil Mack going into his second year and with the addition of Aldon Smith. Those are things that you try to create personnel-wise on defense. When I've looked on, Jack and his staff have done an outstanding job, really, in all three phases."

Q: You saw Derek Carr twice last year. What sort of progress have you seen out of him?"

Coach Fox: "Obviously, with the experience the year before, you can see more growth as far as his decision making and what not. I think a supporting cast always helps. You know it's three wide outs and a back that's helped it pretty good. They went out in free agency and got a very good center. It's always condusive to your protections and different calls. All that together, you see improvement."

Q: Are you concerned about Amari Cooper? Coach Fox: " go that high in the draft, and I don't think he's disappointed anybody."

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