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Best of Raiders vs. Cowboys in Oxnard

Head Coach Dennis Allen: "A good couple of days of work against the Cowboys. I think that helped our football team a lot. It was a competitive environment. I think anytime you get an opportunity to get in a competitive environment against a good football team, it makes your team better. We got in a lot of good work. We'll head back to Alameda and start getting ready for Detroit tomorrow."

The Raiders participated in their second joint practice with the Cowboys in Oxnard.

TE Mychal Rivera: "Very intense, but we definitely grew as a team. Adversity brings out the best in everybody and the team really came together and bonded this week."

RB Latavius Murray: "It means a lot when you have the fan base that we have and, for them to come out to a practice that's not even near home, it means a lot to us. It gets us excited and we just want to put on a good show for them."

Head Coach Dennis Allen: "I'm going to start off by just saying, what a hell of an atmosphere to practice football in. That's what Raider Nation is really all about, man. That was awesome to see those guys come out and support us like that. It almost felt like, at times, that I had to quiet the crowd down just so we could get some plays off. It was a great atmosphere. It was great work against these guys. There was a lot of stuff going on so it's hard to pay attention to what happened on both fields. But, what I saw was some guys out here competing. I thought we did some good things."

The Raiders participated in their second joint practice with the Cowboys in Oxnard.

Head Coach Dennis Allen: "There is a little bit of us versus them type of mentality when you come into these environments, so it gives our guys an opportunity to go out and compete and bond together as a unit. We've spent a lot of time in the hotel together, and I'm sure we'll be talking about some things that went on during the practice today."

LB Khalil Mack: "Man, Raider Nation. Raider Nation has to be the best fans in the world."

FB Marcel Reece: "It's a reality check for all the new guys who thought they knew what the Raider Nation was all about, who heard the stories, who put on the jersey one time for a preseason game. It's a reality check for them because they have no idea what [Raider Nation] is and now you come here to basically training camp, to another team's training camp…Cowboys have been here for years and years and they're going to be here for years and years and we come down here one time and we out show them. It's Raider Nation – it's about loyalty and this is what we're about."

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