Bills WR Sammy Watkins Discusses Match-Up


Q: During the draft process, did you have a lot of contact with the Raiders? Did you think there was a possibility you might end up in Oakland?

Watkins:"I thought it was possible, but you never know going through that whole process. I never really had an interview. I didn't go out there and meet, so I really didn't have a clue."

Q: This is your first year in Buffalo, obviously, but do you get a sense of how much it would mean to the city and fans if you guys are able to make the playoffs?

Watkins:"Yeah, it's a lot at stake. We've got to come out and win every game and we know that. We have to win our last two weeks. It will be big for not only this team, but the fans and this organization because we haven't won over eight games or went to the playoffs in 14 years. It needs to happen and it needs to happen now."

Q: That 14-year drought, do you guys hear about that a lot?

Watkins:"That's the stigma with Buffalo. That's all you hear. They never talk about the four Super Bowls that they went to. All you hear about is the 14 years that they didn't go to the playoffs. It's bad and we know that as a team and an organization. We're going to fix it."

Q: What do you see from the Raiders? They've been up and down, playing real well against Kansas City and San Francisco, but not so well in the road games. What do you expect from them this week?

Watkins:"I expect them to play hard. A lot of people really don't look at that team. They've got a great team and they've played good football. Despite their record, man – [2-12] – I watch those guys go out there and compete week in and week out. We're going to have to be prepared."

Q: What do you see specifically from their defense?

Watkins:"You see the defensive line getting after teams. They've got a big defensive line. They've got cornerbacks playing pretty good. They like to put their hands on the receivers. They play good defense one-on-one. They play grown-man football. You've got to beat them."

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