Bowie Visits Washington Care and Rehabilitation Center


CB John Bowie signs an autograph for a resident of the Washington Care and Rehabilitation Center.

Recently, Mr. Fredrick, along with about 50 other residents from the Washington Care and Rehabilitation Center, in San Leandro, made their way into the residence lounge and anxiously awaited the arrival of Oakland Raiders cornerback John Bowie.

Many of the residents at the Washington Care and Rehabilitation Center are longtime Raider fans. However because of various reasons they are unable to attend games or functions to support their team.

"It means a lot [to have The Oakland Raiders visit the Care Center], because it means that the residents can have the quality of life that they have always had," said Venzuela Narayan, the activities coordinator. "They have been Raider fans for years, but now they can't go out, they can't go visit, they can't get to the games, but we can always make things happen for them, we can bring the community from outside, inside."

Bowie spoke to the group of residents who had gathered in the lounge. He then went around to personally meet each individual and gave them autographed Raiders memorabilia. As Mr. Fredrick entered the room, he was wearing the hat he had received the previous year when the Raiders made a visit.

"Mr. Fredrick has been with us for a number of years and this is one of the highlights where he has always just loved having the Raiders memorabilia, the hats," said Glen Goddard, the administrator of the Washington Care and Rehab Center. "It was actually hard getting him to give up last year's hat in order to receive this year's hat with the new autograph. He's been a resident here that everyone has really enjoyed and loved, and this is a very momentous day for him as well."

After Bowie visited everyone gathered in the lounge, he the made his way around to those individuals who weren't able to leave their rooms.

Goddard was extremely grateful to have the Oakland Raiders pay his residents a visit.

"This means a lot to all of the residents that are here, we have a short term rehab unit, so this provides motivation to a number of our residents to continue with their rehabilitative services, and get back into the community," said Goddard. "In addition to that, this also shows the Raiders commitment for the second year running of coming out and interacting with the seniors that have provided community service for many years, and this is part of giving back, that I see the Raiders doing in a very collective and a very effective manner to assist and support our residence."

For Bowie, it was gratifying to show his Commitment in the Community for those who have supported him and the Raiders for many years. "I had a terrific time visiting with everyone and I am happy that they gave me the opportunity to spend time with them," Bowie said.

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