Brad Seely Talks Taiwan Jones, Familiarity With Trindon Holliday

Special Teams Coordinator Brad Seely addressed the media following Wednesday's practice at the Oakland Raiders Napa Valley Training Complex.

It was the first time Coach Seely has spoken to the media since the beginning of Training Camp 2015, and during his time behind the microphone he addressed a variety of topics including his excitement for the upcoming season, as well as the progress of punter Marquette King.


Coach Seely is entering his 27th season in the NFL, but his first with the Oakland Raiders.

Following practice, he talked of his excitement about wearing the Silver and Black.

"It's been really fun. I think it's a great organization, I'm excited to be here, I'm excited about our players and I'm excited about the season, so we'll see what happens."


When asked about his style, Coach Seely said it was aggressive, although his special teams units weren't going to be careless about attacking the other team.

"We want to be aggressive and attack a team. Now, we're going to pick our spots where we rush, but we want our guys to be schooled up on the technique so that if they have the opportunity… You see a lot of chances in the league where guys are free and they come free on the punter and they just don't finish the play because they don't quite know how to finish."


Wide receiver Trindon Holliday joined the Silver and Black this offseason with the hopes of earning the job as the return man for the Raiders.

Coach Seely talked about Holliday and their history in the league together.

"He's still the same player I thought he was when we played against him and I had him at the 49ers. He has incredible talent. He's always got to work on ball security; that's always been a situation where he has to improve on, and he knows that and he's working on that."


While running back Taiwan Jones moved back to the offensive side of the football this season, his true value is on special teams.

When healthy, he is one of the best gunners in the league, and Coach Seely is happy to have him at his disposal in 2015.

"I'm excited about having Taiwan. He's one of the better special teams players in this league because No. 1, he's tough, No. 2, he's extremely fast, and No. 3, he wants to be a good player. If you have all of those things all converging, you're going to have a good football player. We can't have enough of those."


Entering his third season as the punter in Oakland, Marquette King has impressed Coach Seely with his work ethic and his willingness to learn.

"I think he's been doing really well. I think, again, Marquette is kind of a mirror of the rest of the team; he's an extremely hard worker, he wants to get better, he always likes to be coached, and I think he's done a nice job. We'll see as the games progress if that carries over to the games, because it has in practice."

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