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Brice Butler Media Session

Q: You feel like you showed some skills out there today?

Butler: I'm just playing football, man. With the ability that God's given me, just trying to go out there and learn everything day-by-day and when the ball is thrown just catch it.

Q: How much do you feel like they've thrown at you in the last couple days? As seen at San Diego State, you have a fairly involved passing offenses there, so I imagine it's not that overwhelming, it's got to be a lot of stuff that you're used to.

Butler: Yeah, the offenses are the same pretty much. USC, a little bit more closer here than where it was at San Diego State, but no difference really. I mean the offense is West Coast Pro-Style, it's pretty much the same thing I ran. So, all the routes, all the concepts and stuff are the same.

Q: How do you not get overwhelmed then by the influx of information that you're getting while you're here this weekend and just try to compartmentalize it?

Butler: Right now, we're not installing as much as say the veterans are getting in. So it's not really a huge jump right now. I'm pretty sure next week when we start getting into like the offensive stuff, it'll be more stuff to learn, but right now it's okay.

Q: You feel like you've developed some quick chemistry with Tyler Wilson today? It seemed like he threw a lot of passes your way.

Butler: Shoot, I asked him after practice — I had to ask him what balls he threw to me because with all the stuff going on, you don't really pay attention to who's playing quarterback and you're looking at the guy like, 'alright, give me the ball.' It's just like 'play formation, line up, catch the ball if it's thrown.' So, I really don't even know who's throwing me the ball for the most part, I'm just trying to do what I have to do.

Q: How would you compare Tyler [Wilson]'s ball to, say, Matt Barkley's when you were at USC?

Butler: I really don't have an answer for that. Like I just said, I really don't know who's throwing; I'm not really paying attention.

Q: When you have a day like today where it seemed like you had three or four plays far down field you made nice plays on. Do you take those away in ones you remember or there was one late where the ball was behind you but it hit your hands, and is that the one you walk away thinking about?

Butler: When it comes to stuff like that, I don't like dropping a ball. So when it comes to a drop…

Q: Do you consider that a drop?

Butler: Yeah, I can catch that ball. I can turn around and get that one. Coach might not consider it a drop, but me, if I can get my hands on it, I can catch the ball. That weighs more for me.

Q: Did your dad really help or prepare you for this time in your career? Did he sit you down and give you some good lessons about what it's like in rookie camp?

Butler: Yeah, he did, but the funny thing about it, he was a first-round pick. So, he had a little different learning curve as far as coming in and the coaches. As far as what he had to do, he was a first-round pick so he was guaranteed to be on the team. So, with me, he was just telling me like, 'every week they're bringing in somebody to take your spot pretty much, so you can't go in there lackadaisical or you might be home.' His knowledge is always great.

Q: And what did he feel about you getting drafted by the Raiders?

Butler: He loved it. There's a lot of history here. At the end of his career, he was about to come here but, as far as family and stuff, he had me and my older brother so he didn't want to leave Atlanta. So he was like, 'man, you get to play for the Raiders now because I was about to.' So he was excited.

Q: How would you describe your college career when looking back? Frustrating or…

Butler: Humbling. Coming out of high school, I guess with all the accolades you can say, that going through what I went through, quick success early and then a quick landslide, it was a huge learning curve for me. I'm glad it happened then because now I can, as far as everything that goes in the NFL, I can and put that in, put my past experiences and be able to handle it better.

Q: You say it was humbling, do you feel like early in your college career you were overconfident?

Butler: Anybody that is coming out of high school from Atlanta going to USC has to be overconfident a little bit. When you go in there and you see that everyone is just as good as you or better, it changes your mindset real quick and maybe was a learning curve that I needed to get then before I got to this moment. If I had quick success, maybe my mental would be a little bit different than it is now. Everything happens for a reason, so God made it happen for a reason.

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