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Carrie: "Each Week I'm Learning More"

On his improvement throughout the season:

Carrie:"I think every week, week in and week out, we strategize a different game plan for each opponent. I think improvement is always something we're trying to execute as a whole, and as far as the return game, I can only improve as much as my other team players can. They're the key to my success. Without them, it's very hard and difficult for me to do the responsibilities that I'm supposed to do. Each week, Bobby [April] our Special Teams Coordinator, he does a great job with putting them in the correct positions and allowing me to get some open space. As far as cornerback, I think each week I'm learning more and more. The game speed as far as the game plans that you have to plan for each team, it is difficult. Coming in as a rookie, learning those things and being able to apply them on game day and being able to execute is something that I think all rookies will have to work on coming into this league because it's very difficult, but over the weeks I think I'm trying to continue to improve each week."

On the veteran presence in the secondary and how they've helped him:

Carrie:"Those guys, each one of those players, offer a base of knowledge and each of them try and pull me to the side on different plays during practice, even during games, on how I can get better. In the film room I sit next to Carlos [Rogers], so he's always picking my brain on what I see and if I'm seeing the same thing he's seeing and how I can improve on my game as far as that position, and the inside nickel position. Having that much knowledge in this room, in this secondary, is definitely beneficial for a lot of the rookies that are coming in as far as defensively, on all of our parts and all of our hands."

On what he's seen from the Cleveland offense:

Carrie:"I think they do a good job of distributing the ball in the pass game and they definitely do a good job in the run game. It's the kind of balanced team that you have to be on your toes for each and every week. I think this week our preparation for them has to be sound in order for us to go out there and execute and be successful on Sunday."

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