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Carson Palmer Media Session

On attacking Miami's defense: "To be honest, it really doesn't matter whether they're 3-4 or 4-3. Their front is very good either way. They have given people fits in the preseason and last week they got some really good pass rush, they did a really good job against the run. It's just a very solid group, definitely the strength of their defense."

On going from West to East Coast: "When you change time zones you can't get to sleep, when it's 11:00 there its 8:00 for your body. Getting your rest, but Coach gives a schedule ahead of time so we can really get our minds prepared and the way the schedule is set up, guys will be rested and we will be ready to play this game. We're excited to get back on the field; guys are ready to play today after Monday night. We'll be prepared and to be honest were not thinking, West, East, time zone change, humidity, we are thinking about a chance to play football and get some one on one and get a bad taste our of our mouths."

On getting Rod Streater's confidence back up after the fumble on Monday night: "Talking to him, that fumble is strictly experience play, it wasn't a bad play by him it is just something that you learn by experience. As you have catches and years in this league you understand on third down to get down. I love his heart; I love his fight, he is trying to get an extra yard and a half which you love to see. I mean that's who he is a person, that's who he is as a player and that's just something it's a great lesson for him to have learned. You're never glad anything like that happens except in this situation I am glad he learned a good lesson because you can talk about it and until you are on the field and presented with that situation and it's happened before, next time I will almost guarantee it, he'll get down. He'll dive on the ground. He will know he has a first down. Getting us a first down and then getting down it's strictly an experience play and I don't think it affected his confidence. He is a very naturally confident person. I looked him in the eyes right after the play and I could tell he was disappointed, but he wasn't shaken, he bounced back and made plays later on in the game."

On throws to McFadden and using him as a receiver: "A little bit was game plan. We had certain plays really scripted for him where we wanted to get him the ball, but a lot of it was they were dropping deep underneath our deeper routes and we didn't take a ton of shots down field just because of the depth the defense was playing. There is not anybody better to give the ball in an open field with one guy to make miss, to get 17 yards on one play he got, and he almost scored down there at the end of the half on a simple check-down where they were just straight dropping seven in the coverage and he almost gets in the end zone and made three or four guys miss. So some of it was play calls and design but if they're going to drop underneath it were not going to force the ball down the field we are going to continue to give it to him and he'll continue to move the chains."

On Reggie Bush and Darren McFadden being similar players: "I don't think so, Darren is one of a kind. It is hard to think of anybody over the years that have a similar style to. He is a very unique player, there is nobody in the game today that is like him or has his same ability and style."

On defenses taking away the long pass plays: "You can't let it frustrate you, as long as you're moving the chains. I think we had two three-and-outs that obviously you don't ever want to happen but we continue to move the ball and those check-downs, you know it frustrates the defense. They cover everybody and then McFadden somehow gets nine yards out of it in the second and one. It seems like we got quite a few of those in the game but you can't let it frustrate you because once you start getting frustrated that's when  you start forcing the ball into holes where they want you to throw it. They're going to make us check it down and we got Darren to check it down then we are going to continue to do it."

On getting zone running going does that make it easier to take the shots: "Yeah, looking back at the game we did a really good job in the first half, averaging four or five yards a carry. We had some negative plays that really hurt us in the second half and the running game was just two different halves as the running game is concerned. We just didn't quite get it going. So it's something that has been addressed and talked about and worked on and coached and well get it fixed this week."

On Denarius Moore and how he looked today compared to last week: "He looked like Denarius of old. He made a couple phenomenal catches. His burst was there last week, it's just I think more conditioning, really getting in practice. There is a totally different type of shape. You can run wind sprints; you can get on the tread mill and on the bike and all of those things, but he got a great week of practice in last week and probably could have played but it was a very smart move by the staff and the training guys to hold him out to let him really get his lungs right and his game tempo, game speed right and he is back this week."

On how important it is to win and get a 1-1 record: "It's the most important thing right now; it's all we are focused on. To lose a game, the only way you get any satisfaction back from the week before is by a win. By a win you forget about the week before and you move on to the next one. This team is solely focused on getting a win in Miami."

On getting Denarius back: "We were forced into playing different guys last week. We would have liked to get in some three wide sets but numbers-wise we couldn't so what happened was Streater and Darrius Heyward-Bey they were just worn out and they were running deep routes and getting coverage down field because they were dropping underneath the coverage and a couple times just didn't have it in them just because numbers-wise they didn't get any breaks. They never came off the field so just getting another guy in the mix will save their legs a little bit. It definitely gives the defense somebody to prepare for."

On pass to Derek Hagan in the back of the end zone: "When I saw it on the field I just kind of saw him flash and I just wasn't patient enough with it. I saw him flash real quickly and I should have put a little more touch on it, I thought at the time. I went back and looked at it on film, I wish I could have that one back. I wish I would have been a little more patient, gotten a little outside the pocket, and let him get a little more separation between him and the safety."

On the possibility that Darren McFadden was used too much in the game: "You don't want to over use him, and I don't know how many carries he ended up with, I'd rather throw him the ball 10-15 times than have him run the ball 35. If they're going to let us throw it to him, that's okay with us. And if they're going to take him away then that means that somebody's open downfield. We're going to be patient. I'm going to continue to let the offense come to me, take shots when they're there, but also be smart  with the ball and try to stay on the field and move the chains and win the time of possession battle. With the way our defense can play, if we can stay on the field and win the time of possession battle and keep Tommy Kelly and Richard [Seymour] some of our DBs fresh, that's a good winning formula for us."

On last year's game against Miami: "That was a weird game. I've tried to forget about that one. It was just a weird week. They were in an interesting situation with the whole coaching change kind of looming over their team. To be honest, we've looked at the film, and we'll watch it a little bit, but it's a new coordinator and a new defense. We've moved on from that. We're a different team than we were last year at that point, completely different."

On the role the heat in Miami plays: "It will be a factor. It's something that, just like we use the dirt when we play at home as an advantage because other guys just don't play on it, they use the heat as an advantage for them. It's something that has already been talked about. It's already been addressed as far as hydrating and getting ready for it, mentally prepared for it. Fortunately we had a couple of days where it got hot in Napa Valley, and got into the 100s. But that humidity is just something that you can't replicate, you can't prepare for. We've got a lot of guys on our team from the South and from humidity, so it shouldn't be too big of an issue."

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