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Carson Palmer Media Session

On calling plays at the line: "We have a pretty small package that we really like to use especially at home when we can all communicate pretty easily and we can all be on the same page. There are a number of things at our disposal and we just try to attack the defense fast and quickly and try to confuse them a little bit but really just kind of speed things up and get the up tempo and get them tired and get them moving."

On what he loves about no huddle: "You need to have some experience and you need to have seen a number of things and experience different pressures, different bluffs. A big thing you get in a no huddle is bluff coverage and bluff pressures. It is not completely a veteran thing; it's more years in the offense. The more and more comfortable I get within this offense the more of a package we will put in I am sure. If this was my third or fourth year in the offense I would be a lot more comfortable than I am right now. Just because this is year one, I am still learning in it and growing in it so as the season goes on and I get more and more comfortable within the offense I am sure the package will expand a little bit."

On if [Peyton] Manning is doing less in Denver than in Indianapolis: "I'm not sure, I really haven't seen their offense play at all other than when we were getting ready for the Steelers game. I'm not sure exactly what's at their disposal. It is a new offense for him, new teammates too. That's another big part of it. I'm sure as the season goes on they'll get better at it too."

On communication on the road: "Totally different. Our crowd does such a good job of being quiet when we're on offense. You'll go to some home teams where their offense is on the field and it's still pretty loud. They have to quiet their crowd down every once in a while. Our fans get it. They understand football; they know what we're trying to do. They do a good job of staying quiet. As soon as you get on the road it really changes everything, makes it a lot more difficult."

On Dennis Allen's approach to playing Denver: "Anytime you spend time at a place it makes it a little bit more special. He's always focused on team, team, team, and nothing about him. That's his approach to the game, and he does a phenomenal job at that. He's doesn't carry an ego. He doesn't walk around with an ego. He's looking at it like it's the next game on the schedule, and that's what we're doing too. There is some added rivalry between the Oakland Raiders and the Denver Broncos. It's an interdivision game, and all those things, but it's got to mean a little bit extra to you if you spend some time somewhere."

On matching up with Peyton Manning: "To be honest, I really don't think about it too much. You can't. You don't look at it as an individual battle. I'm thinking more of Elvis [Dumervil] on the other side, Von [Miller], and some of those guys, Champ Bailey on the corner. My battle is with those guys. I've played against Peyton a handful of times. You can't get into individual battles with other players on opposing offenses."

On possibility of replacement refs being gone by this weekend's game: "I hadn't heard that. That's a league matter, and they're going to handle that the way that they handle that. As players we really can't focus on that or worry about that. We've got enough to worry about just with studying the game plan we got today and finishing up through the week."

On key to getting tight ends involved this year: "The key to tight ends being involved is the offense really involves them. There's a number of opportunities for them to catch big plays. There's a number of things in the passing game where they're not really decoy routes or clear routes. They're the number one option, or the number two option. They're still learning, but they've done a phenomenal job. They're all very similar. They have certain characteristics that differentiate them. Body size, their abilities, even their experience, they're all pretty similar guys that have done a great job."

On pass to Myers that started last week's game-winning drive: "There's a ton of stuff where the tight end is the number one read. That's just a play where you got Brandon matched up in a favorable matchup against a linebacker. He does such a good job. He's a lot faster than he looks. He kind of catches guys off guard. He's quicker than he looks too. Before you know it he gets by you, just like he did on that play. He's getting grabbed and held, and he fought through it and made a phenomenal catch. He got blown up at the end of it too. Just a great play by him."

On what makes Myers a reliable passing threat: "He's got unbelievable hands. He's kind of a sleeper. He's probably got the best hands on the team. He makes diving catches, one-handed catches, you don't ever see him drop anything. His hands are very reliable. He really understands the game. He knows how to set up routes, he knows how to get open in zones. He knows how to set up man routes. He's just really a solid all-around player. And he can block too. A lot of times you get a guy that's really good at one thing and struggles in the other. Brandon's really balanced in the passing and running game."

On if there are different styles of the no-huddle offense: "I'm sure there are. I don't know. Nobody lets the cat out of the bag and gives up any secrets. So, I can't speak on anybody else's offense or how they do it. I'm sure everybody's a little bit different and you tinker it, whether you've got rookies playing, or a bunch of vets on the offensive line, or whatever it may be. You can't worry about what other guys are doing or try to get any inside information out of other guys, you've just got to worry about yourself."

On what makes Manning so good at the no-huddle: "A lot of things. His experience. He's been playing for a long time. He's accurate. He's got good zip on the ball, he's got good touch. He moves well. He does everything well. He's not going to take off and run for 150 yards a game, obviously, but everything else, he does extremely well."

On if it's fun for him to do the no-huddle: "Yeah, it's fun to move the ball and score points. Whatever way the coaches decide we're going to attack a team, we're comfortable with it. The no-huddle is great, but we also have a lot of really good stuff that we can dial up when we huddle call and change personnel groups with motions and shifts and all the things that can confuse defenses. That's something that we're really good at for a startup offense. Either way, as long as we're moving the ball and scoring points."

On going into bye week at 2-2: "It's huge, huge. It's a division game. You've got to win the AFC games, but then you've got to win your division games. With the way the Bye is, it would be great. Then you start thinking about AC [Aaron Curry] coming off his knee injury, and coming off the PUP list, and Shawntae and Ron [Bartell] too. Ron's around the corner hopefully and hopefully Darrius, we're still waiting to hear on Darrius. It's a good time because we are banged up in a number of spots. It's exciting to have a big win, to have a huge game coming up on the road, and to know that we have a chance to kind of get a little bit healthier, and to clean up some of the guys that are banged up."

On Denver's defense the first three weeks of this season compared to last year: "Pretty similar. They were very solid last year. Stingy in the run game. They're still doing that. They still have Champ Bailey out there, and Tracy Porter has been a great addition. Just a very good defense. There's not a weakness. They have two phenomenal pass rushers. The thing you can't do against these guys is fall behind early. As soon as they get a lead those pass rushers put their hand on the ground and just come off the ball and pin their ears back. Very similar to last year, they were a very solid defense last year. They've played very well this year."

On adjustment for players in the no-huddle: "The biggest difference is on the road because it's all about communication. You're not gathering to call a play to everybody. There's a lot communication that's really difficult on the road and it really limits you in what you can do. Especially at the center spot. There are so many things that can happen to the center. Then you get to gun and he's got to worry about making sure that you're ready for the snap and getting the ball back to you. It definitely limits you and puts a lot of stress on those guys. But Wiz [Stefen Wisniewski] being a second-year guy, acts and plays like an eighth, ninth, tenth year guy. That's been a bonus for us."

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