Chargers Give Raiders Credit Where Credit is Due

The Oakland Raiders give an impressive and dominating performance on the road in Week 7, besting the Chargers 37-29.

The Oakland Raiders defeated the Chargers 37-29 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego Sunday. After the game, several members of the Chargers spoke about how well the Raiders played.

"It was just, we didn't play very good early. And give [the Raiders] credit, they did.  Lack of execution on our part and execution on their part turned into what it was today. We dug ourselves too deep a hole to get out of." - QB Philip Rivers

"[The Raiders] came into our home and marched the ball up and down the field on us...We can't play like that.  Not in this league.  We will get whooped like that if we try and play like that again. We looked up at the score and couldn't believe what was going on. [Wide receiver Amari Cooper is] a highlight player on their team. They give the ball to him many different ways whether it's a screen, a pass down field, or lining him up in the slot. They try and move him around so they can get him as many touches as possible." - CB Brandon Flowers


"Seeing that offense move the ball on us like that, I'm pretty sure no one expected them to do what they were doing.  But hats off to them. They came out fired up, and it's sad to say, but they had the crowd with them, too.  It's just one of those losses where you just go, 'wow' at the end of the day. [Cooper] is a solid receiver. Like I said going in before the game, he is a quick twitch guy. He's aggressive. I have respect for him." -CB Jason Verrett**

"They won. They won the first-half, and by that time it was over." – WR Keenan Allen

"We didn't start off too well. They are a good team and they just got ahead of us. They were playing well out there, playing sound defense."  - TE Ladarius Green

"They are a good defense, let's not forget about that. They played well and we didn't make enough plays. At the end of the day, if they make more plays than us, which they did, they will end up winning game." – RB Danny Woodhead

"They did a good job up front protecting [Derek Carr]. He was able to release the ball quick and also sit back and throw the ball." – DT Corey Liuget

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