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Charles Woodson Discusses Preparation For Final Game, Staying Focused

Charles Woodson's incredible 18-year professional football career is coming to a close, and with only one day left before his final game, No. 24 has spent some time writing and reflecting on his last game week and preparing for the moment.  He shared some of those thoughts with ESPN – particularly, what it's like to have a whole week full of "lasts":

"Last week I played the final home game of my career, but the practices this week have felt a little bit different because it's the last game of my career, period. As you inch closer to the finish line, you just start to feel more accepting of the fact that it's coming to an end. Each moment that passes by, you get more and more comfortable with the decision that this'll be it. In stretch (Thursday), you hear players yell out, "C-Wood, it's your final stretch. It's your last Thursday practice." It's funny because I realize it's here, that this is going to be it. It's the last dress rehearsal before the final act."

While it has unquestionably been an emotional week for Woodson, he, of course, has remained focused and steadfast in his preparation – it's all he knows how to do:

"It would be easy to be distracted this week, but there's a saying I learned a long time ago. It says: "You've got to keep the main thing the main thing." The main thing, for me, is to go out and play the game. That means you've got to keep your routine. You've got to do all of the things that got you to this point, and you have to do them the same way."

For more from Charles Woodson on his final game preparation, check out his full piece here

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