Chiefs DT Dontari Poe Talks Raiders


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Q: Is there a difference playing a team that you just played a few weeks before?

Poe:"It's a familiarity with them, but as far as a difference – no, not too much. You got a sense of how they do, but at the same time, it's nothing for them to come out and run new stuff. So we've just got to do our favorite thing."

Q: What are your impressions of Stefen Wisniewski and the Raider's offensive line?

Poe:"They're real good. They work real good together and they know their schemes quite well, and they know how to get hands on you and stuff like that. They're pretty good."

Q: Through the first part of the season, you hadn't given up a rushing touchdown until you played the Raiders. In the last few weeks, the yardage has been kind of high and there have been some touchdowns. Is there anything you can point to as to why it would happen that way?

Poe:"Not specifically. We've just got to play better team defense as a whole. Everybody has to fit their gaps, contain the edge and stuff like that. It's not specific. We've just got to come to play."

Q: Do you think you guys were flat the game a few weeks ago against the Raiders?

Poe:"I wouldn't say flat. I would just say we didn't have the same intensity as we should or as we had in previous games. But I wouldn't say it was because of the fact that … Give the Raiders the credit because they came out and played their game."

Q: For all the struggles the Raiders have had, it seems they've held together pretty well and won two of their last three. You guys have lost three in a row. Do you look around your locker room and think this is a team that's together and can make a playoff push in these last few games?

Poe:"Yeah, we are. We never shy away from each other. We never fall apart because we still got a chance. As long as we got that and we're trying to push [on final], we're going to keep moving. There's really never any pointing fingers over here."

Q: What did you think of Latavius Murray in that last game?

Poe:"Real good. Yeah, he's real good – fast, explosive, finds the hole real well. We've got to kind of put a hat on him and then try to keep him out of each hole."

Q: What about Derek Carr? Any surprises the first time against him?

Poe:"No surprises. You can see on film what he is. He's a really good quarterback and he doesn't take a lot of sacks – knows how to move in the pocket. He doesn't play like a rookie at all. He's a real good quarterback. It really wasn't a secret though. We knew that watching film on him."

Q: What's been the key for your development the last few years to become one of the top guys in the middle?

Poe:"Just staying consistent at what I need to do. Focus on fundamentals because when all else fails, you've got nothing else to fall back on but your fundamentals. So as long as they are intact and sharp, I think that takes care of a lot of stuff for me."

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