Chiefs HC Andy Reid Talks Raiders Week in KC


Q: The last four games, do you just look at the game you just played or do you look at them in totality when you hit a losing streak?

Coach Reid: "You look at each game. In this league, you go through every play and make sure that you try to figure it out."

Q: Are there common themes that you see in those games? Or do you just worry about the previous one you just played?

Coach Reid: "No, you look at all of them, especially if they are bang, bang, bang. You have to make sure you look and see what the issues are."

Q: Do you still feel pretty confident about the team you have in that locker room that they can pull out of this and make a run for the playoffs?

Coach Reid: "I like this football team, yes."

Q: The run defense seems like it has been kind of an issue the last four games, at least statistically. Is that something you guys need to shore up? Is that a big issue or are there other factors?

Coach Reid: "No, we have to do a better job there for sure. So, we're working on that. That's what we're doing."

Q: What were your impressions of Latavius Murray last time?

Coach Reid: "I thought he played pretty good, ran well. He's a good football player. I thought he had a good game."

Q: When you look back at that game, do you think your team was a little flat? What do you take from that first game against the Raiders?

Coach Reid: "We didn't start off very well. That first half wasn't a very good half of football. I thought we kind of got things going a little bit in the second half, and then we didn't finish off that last drive. That 17-play drive was what got us there. So, we have to do a better job of starting faster."

Q: When you play a team that you just played a few weeks ago, how different is the preparation than playing teams with more weeks in between, when teams can change?

Coach Reid: "I think you're right. I think that's accurate. There are probably more changes that just kind of take place in your team over that period of time if you play them early and then play them late. It's just natural in this game. We're talking three weeks here, so I don't think either team is drastically different."

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