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Chiefs QB Alex Smith: "They make it tough"


Q: What have you seen from the Raiders' defense the last couple weeks?

Smith:"I think they're playing good right now. They had some moving parts in the secondary, different guys mixing in. They know what they're doing. They give you a lot of different fronts to look at. They've been playing good on the back end. Feel like they challenge you. They make it tough. Up front they are as well. A lot of the one-on-ones, the guys are winning those battles."

Q: Did a guy like David Amerson leap off the film?

Smith:"Looking back, they've had a bunch of guys playing back there mixing in, playing in nickel. I feel like he played good last week, watching even the weeks prior in nickel when he's in there. He shows up and makes plays. He's competitive out there and playing good. All their corners look like they'll fight you. They know what they're doing."

Q: Has Khalil Mack seemed more active the last couple of weeks? 

Smith: "By active, I guess you mean like end up doing more. They move him around more and do different things with him. He can handle all of it. He's kind of maturing. He's good. He's good at rushing the passer and now you see him dropping back in coverage here and there. On tape, he demands respect."

Q: The streak that you have of not throwing a pick, is that something you're proud of or something you care about a lot?

Smith:"To be honest, no. I didn't even really know it was happening until this last week. The guys finally told me about it. It's not something I'm thinking about at all. They tend to be like that, they're streaky. They come and go. For me, I'll just continue to try to play good football, make good decisions and throw accurate balls to help this team win."

Q: Would you say that's a skill, not throwing a pick? Is it something you can learn to do?

Smith:"You're touching the football every play as a quarterback and that comes with a lot of responsibility in executing the offense. You focus on what it is you're trying to do. You try to make good decisions, play fast, throw the ball accurately and get it to your playmakers, that's what you're thinking about really."

Q: Do you ever weigh being careful versus not being as careful?

Smith:"No, not to say there haven't been times in my career that it has been like that. I certainly don't feel like any time lately I've played like that. I feel like we go out there to make plays and score points and that's the mindset. In doing so, there's a way of going about your business as a quarterback, when you touch the ball every play, you get a lot of responsibility. You can't be careless with it. But, you know you're going out there to score points as an offense."

Q: It seems like your yardage numbers are up from recent years. Is that a result of receivers or a different offensive scheme?

Smith:"Probably a lot of things that go into that. Different personnel this year, being together longer. Maybe how we're getting played here and there, all of that goes into it. You're always trying to evolve and progress as an offense. That maybe plays into it as well."

Q: In recent years, you sort of had the rap as being the guy that didn't like to take shots downfield. Is that an unfair criticism? Do you think you're finally proving that that's not warranted?

Smith:"I feel like you're just trying to take what the defense gives you with reads, match-ups and where the ball goes. You're trying to let that guide you in the game. You're never in the huddle thinking you're going to take a shot. It's all on the fly and you're trying to distribute the football. You execute the system and just try to play football. Certainly I feel like this year we've had those opportunities and those good match-ups. I have taken those shots. In years past, it's just tough to compare."

Q: What has Jeremy Maclin brought to the offense this year?

Smith:"He's a really talented receiver. He's a guy that we can do a lot with. He handles a lot, whether it be inside or outside. He has the abilities and the knowledge to do a lot. We ask a lot of him. With the ball in the air, he's extremely competitive, making a lot of tough catches and certainly setting the tone for us."

Q: Do you have any reaction to the 49ers season this year?

Smith:"No, no. I'm so far removed, I've got nothing."

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