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Closing Remarks: Mayock recaps 2020 Draft Class and expectations going forward

Just as quickly as the 2020 NFL Draft started, it felt like it was over in the blink of an eye.

The Las Vegas Raiders entered the draft with seven picks and finished with seven new additions to the Silver and Black. The team had seven in the first four rounds and even though they made a trade to move back slightly, General Manager Mike Mayock and Head Coach Jon Gruden called it a day after the No. 139th pick of the draft.

With his second draft as a GM complete, Mayock picked up the phone one last time to speak with reporters about what the team accomplished.

"This was a rollercoaster of a weekend; we had a blast," Mayock said. "We feel like we got better this weekend and that obviously is the goal. Tough time nationally and internationally, and all our thoughts and prayers go out to the people around the world. Unique circumstances this year, so it was a little bit of a reflective time."

Despite the circumstances, the first virtual draft in NFL history went relatively smoothly and because of months of preparation, Mayock, Gruden and the scouting department were unfazed.

Take a look through photos from the first draft class of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Mayock, Gruden, and all of the coaches mulled over hours and hours of film in order to feel confident entering the draft, but even with all of research, Mayock says trusting the board is easier said than done.

"I have a lot of respect for a lot of people. I texted good friend of mine yesterday who is a GM and said to him, 'I love your draft. You stay patient every year and you trust your board.' It sounds really simple, but it's so frickin' hard to do," Mayock emphasized. "That's what they've done for years and that's what Jon and I have been talking about ever since I've been here. We're joined together at the hip. Let's be patient, let's trust board. We've done all the work. We really don't care what anybody outside our building thinks. We have one goal and that's winning the Super Bowl."

Looking at the Raiders' roster now that free agency and the draft is over with, the Silver and Black improved at just about every major area of need. They got faster with the addition of Henry Ruggs III, they got more versatile through Lynn Bowden Jr., Tanner Muse and Amik Robertson, more physical because of John Simpson and Bryan Edwards, and deeper at cornerback with Damon Arnette.

"We feel like we got better in free agency and I know we feel like we got better in the draft," Mayock said after a moment of reflection. "Nobody is going know how much or if at all until we get out on the field and compete. That's the thing I love about it."

With the restrictions of COVID-19, the Raiders plans to report on Monday won't be happening unfortunately; however, the team will still expect the newest members of the team to come ready when they finally converge in person.

"It's going to be learning more than anything," Mayock said. I know our coaches have put in a lot of time and effort.

"Once we could get them integrated into our virtual program, we expect 100 percent attention. They better be ready to hit the ground running whenever we're allowed to."

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