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Coach Allen Addresses QB Situation, More


Opening statement: **"Really another training camp-type practice today, really working on ourselves and that's really what our focus is today and what our focus probably will be tomorrow and then we'll start prepping for Seattle on Wednesday. So, that's kind of the game plan of what we've got going on. But, a good practice today."

Q: With Menelik Watson out, you moved Khalif Barnes to right tackle and Gabe Jackson to left guard. Would that be the plan?

Coach Allen:"Yeah."

Q: I guess with Khalif Barnes having experience in both spots he's able to move …

Coach Allen:"It's a credit to him as a player. We've moved him around a lot, and he's been a very versatile player for us. That's one of those things that I've talked about before, about guys with some versatility that can play multiple positions, so that would be the plan going in and we'll see where we're at come Thursday."


Q: Is Matt Schaub's elbow soreness anything too serious or is he just sitting out for precautionary reasons?**

Coach Allen:"Yeah, I said yesterday, I'm not concerned about it. But, we're going to take him day-by-day and try to make sure he's ready to go."

Q: When did it start?

Coach Allen:"He came in Saturday after the game I guess it was. So, we held him out yesterday and we held him out again today."

Q: Will he not play against Seattle or is that still to be determined?

Coach Allen:"That's still to be determined, but if he's 100 percent and ready to go he might get in there, but we want to see Derek [Carr] play. We want to give him an opportunity. Obviously missing the Green Bay game, that's part of the developmental process, so we want to be able to see him get in there and play. I plan on seeing a lot of snaps out of Derek."


Q: In your mind, is Schaub still the starter?**

Coach Allen:"Yes."

Q: With the struggles the first team's passing game has had, how much has it set them back not having him [Schaub] out there the past two days?

Coach Allen:"Well, I mean obviously that's something that you'd like to have, but you've got to have a little bit of foresight into getting ready for the opening game and that's what's the most critical. These preseason games are trying to prepare you for that, but ultimately the true test is where you're at on opening day and that's where our focus is."

Q: Any updates on Sio Moore?

Coach Allen:"No, he's still got the neck strain. We'll see where he's at tomorrow, see if he can get out and move around a little bit. Again, we're taking him day-by-day also."

Q: With DJ Hayden, would you push that to Saturday to make the PUP designation?

Coach Allen:"Well, we're going to push it all the way up until the deadline, until we find out exactly where he is. We'll wait and see what we have to do on that." Q: Do you have any cause for encouragement that he's making progress?

Coach Allen:"I watched him out there moving around with the trainers today, he looks a lot better, but that's one of those things that you just kind of visit with the trainers every day and find out how he did each particular day. He's making progress that's for sure."

Q: David Ausberry looks like he might be close.

Coach Allen:"Yeah, he was better today. Whether or not he's actually get out there and practice and play in the game, I don't have that answer, but he's definitely again, another one of those guys that's making progress."

Q: Did David Ausberry ever have a setback in his rehab or is it just the process?

Coach Allen:"No, it's just been the process."


Q: Have the receivers taken a step back the last couple of weeks, or what has been your analysis there?**

Coach Allen:"Well, I said this before, I think we've got to improve in the passing game and they're one of the elements of that combination. Again, it's a full-team effort. It's everybody involved, it's the protection, it's the backs, it's the receivers, and it's the quarterback. We're continuing to work through that and I think the last couple of days they've had a good day."

Q: Brice Butler said yesterday that he hit a wall last year, both physically and mentally. Was that something that you saw over time happening with him and is that something that most rookies go through?

Coach Allen:"Yeah, it is something that just about every rookie goes through. That's part of that mental toughness that you have to have to be able to fight through that. I think he's come back and responded throughout the offseason. Last year was very similar. He showed up in the preseason games, he's done that again this year. He's made progress and I think he's in a better spot now than he was a year ago at this time."

Q: Is Nick Roach still going through the protocol?

Coach Allen:"He is, yes."

Q: With Taiwan Jones, is the plan still to have him ready for the regular season?

Coach Allen:"That's the plan, yes."

Q: He described it as being "beat up." Does he have anything specifically?

Coach Allen:"Well, he's got a knee strain, so that's where he's at. Again, he's another one of those guys that was on the field today working with the trainers, so he's making progress, but our thoughts on him are to get him ready for the regular season."

Q: Is Chimdi Chekwa still the same?

Coach Allen:"Same. Same thing."

Q: Any Sebastian Janikowski update?

Coach Allen:"He kicked today. I don't think he's 100 percent, so again we're going to be smart there. I'm not going to put him out there and take the risk of going into the regular season with him injured, so we'll see where he's at the next couple of days. He was a lot better today than he was four days ago."

Q: There seem to be some similarities between what Matt Schaub is going through with the elbow issue and what Matt Flynn went through last year. Do you think those things are fair, do you think they're completely separate?

Coach Allen:"Yeah, I don't look at those two situations as the same."

Q: As far as the last linebacker spot, has Kaelin Burnett separated himself there? How has he been the last couple of weeks?

Coach Allen:"Yeah, well I think he's separated himself and he's put himself in good position. I think this will be a big week for him to go out and perform well against the Seahawks. As well as a lot of these guys that are fighting for roster spots, this will be a big game as far as our ability to determine exactly what the right 53 is for this football team."

Q: Are you concerned about the quarterback position?

Coach Allen:"No, I'm not concerned about it. I've said all along, I like our quarterback room. I think we've got three very capable quarterbacks of going in there and helping us win football games. It's really not a concern."

Q: Will the fourth guy, Trent Edwards, get a chance to play on Thursday?

Coach Allen:"We'll see."

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