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Coach Allen Breaks Down Loss to Packers


Q: Do you have any updates on the injured guys from last night?**

Coach Allen:"It's really the same as what it was last night. Kory Sheets tore his Achilles so obviously he's going to be, I would assume, done for the year there." 

Q: Anything new with Sio Moore's injury as of now?

Coach Allen:"Still a neck strain. He was going better today. We'll be day-by-day with that. The good news with Sio is that we ruled out any real serious injury. So, we'll take that day-by-day and see how he responds." 

Q: Are there any further tests planned for him?

Coach Allen:"No." 

Q: Is Menelik Watson's hip injury a concern?

Coach Allen:"I don't think it's something that's going to be a long-term issue. He was back in today and got treatment today. He was doing better today than he was yesterday. We'll see how he is tomorrow as to his availability for practice. I don't see that as anything that could potentially linger into the regular season. Obviously, I'm not a doctor so I couldn't tell you for a certainty." 


Q: Considering the caliber of the opponent on offense, after that first series, what did you see from your first-team defense?**

Coach Allen:"I saw a group that really has the ability to play pretty good defense. The biggest thing on the first drive was the tackling was not up to our standard. We've got to be better in that regard in that type of situation. Then, for us to go out and hold them on three straight drives… I think we held Aaron Rodgers to 9-of-20 as far as completions are concerned. I think anytime you can do that to a quarterback of that caliber, that says that you're doing some pretty good things. We gave up a couple too many explosive plays. Like I said, our tackling wasn't good on the first drive and the penalties hurt us. On one scoring drive, we gave them 30 yards on unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. On that particular drive, they ended up scoring on fourth down, on a fourth-and-three. I believe it was the very next drive, they scored again and I believe we had them on third-and-eight on the eight. We stopped them so it's going to be fourth-and-six on the six. Based on their mode of operation last night, they probably would have gone for it so there's no guarantee, but you're going to have fourth-and-six on the six and we get the penalty which keeps the drive alive. Even as it is, they take three downs to get it in. I saw some positive things against that offensive football team. They had 51 plays in the first half, that includes the penalty plays, and anytime you give an offense of that caliber that many shots at you, they're going to end up putting some points on the board. We've got to eliminate some of those negative plays and eliminate giving a good offense second and third opportunities. If we do that, I think there was some signs that we could play some pretty good defense." 

Q: Where are you seeing the problems in the first-team passing game?

Coach Allen:"I think it would be a lot easier if you could narrow it down to just one particular area. There are a lot of areas that we've got to improve on in the passing game. All positions are a factor of that. It's hard to just isolate it on one particular thing. We've got to make sure we're precise on our routes. We've got to be able to make plays in a contested environment. We've got to be able to do a great job in protection. We've got to be able to make the throws when we have an opportunity to make a throw. You can probably put a little bit of the blame in each individual area, and I think that's what we have to do as a coaching staff and I think that's what we have to do as players is we've got to own up to our own responsibilities and be able to handle our area and make sure we make corrections in the areas that we need to." 


Q: Are you confident that you can get these things fixed for the opener?**

Coach Allen:"Yeah, I'm absolutely confident that we can get this fixed."* *

Q: When you have so many things popping up in different areas, that must make it more difficult.

Coach Allen:"Well, yeah, sure. I think the biggest thing is, there are opportunities for some plays there. Again, it's the third preseason game and we still have two weeks before we open up the season so we still have some time to get some things corrected. When we have opportunities, we've got to be able to take advantage of that. We had some real opportunities in that game that we could have taken advantage of. Some critical drops. We had a couple of plays that could potentially have been touchdowns that we weren't able to come up with. If you're able to do that, the first drive of the third quarter, you come out feeling a little bit better about where you're at. That's obviously an area that we've got to work to improve on and that will be a main focus of what we do over the next couple weeks and we'll get better at that. 

Q: Will any of your first-team offense play in the fourth preseason game?

Coach Allen:"That could be the case. We haven't talked about play time yet. We just finished meeting on the pass game and we will get more, whether it be this evening or tomorrow, what we'll focus on doing to play the game Thursday night. 


Q: What does Matt McGloin's performance the last two games count for? How do you weight that kind of performance?**

Coach Allen:"That's a tough question because obviously those aren't the same caliber players that you're seeing early in the game. You try to evaluate decision-making, timing, accuracy and ability to create. Matt, when he's had an opportunity to go in there, has done some good things. Really, we've always had confidence in Matt McGloin. I've said this from day one, I like our quarterback room. I think we've got, from top to bottom, a very deep quarterback room. I'm not surprised that Matt's gone in there and performed well when he's had an opportunity. I think that's why, if ever called upon, I wouldn't have any hesitation putting him in the game and giving him the opportunity to help us win." 

Q: Was Derek Carr cleared medically to play that game and it was just your decision not to play him?

Coach Allen:"That's correct." 

Q: Is he still the number-two quarterback?

Coach Allen:"Yes." 

Q: Obviously, people go down during the season but how nice is it to have Miles Burris ready to step in if Sio is out for an extended period?

Coach Allen:"I think it's a good feeling to have some depth. Miles got a lot of plays in that game on defense. I thought there were some things that Miles did really well in the game and there are obviously some things that he's got to continue to work to improve on. Both those guys are NFL linebackers. How you build a strong football team is you've got to build a team that has depth because injuries at a part of this game. At some point during the season, these backup players are going to have to play and they'll be expected to perform as starters. That's really what their job is. It's been good to have Miles back out here fully healthy from the injury this year. I think that's a good feeling to have." 


Q: Do you know if DJ Hayden will be able to practice this week?**

Coach Allen:"I do not know the answer to that."* *

Q: Do you expect to see Derek play against Seattle?

Coach Allen:"I do, yes."* *

Q: Are you concerned with what seems to be Matt Schaub's lack of arm strength?

Coach Allen:"I haven't seen that, so I guess the answer to that question would be no." 

Q: How do you think TJ Carrie has performed? How does he look on tape?

Coach Allen:"A little up and down. He's obviously had some good plays throughout this preseason. He's also had some plays where he gave up some plays. I think you see that a lot of times with a young player. The hope is that he continues to learn from those things and continues to develop and get more confident in himself. There's no question that he's fully capable of playing in this league and he's fully capable of playing at a high level and I think part of that is just developing that confidence in yourself that you can go out and do that. The more opportunities you get, the better he'll get at that." 

Q: Do you expect Sebastian Janikowski to play against Seattle?

Coach Allen:"That's my hope. He's got a right quad strain. I didn't want to kick him in the game. I want to make sure he's healthy. If he's healthy enough to kick, I'd like for him to kick in this game but we'll have to see where he's at probably in the next couple days." 

Q: How do you think Carrie and Neiko Thorpe played yesterday?

Coach Allen:"TJ Carrie was a little up and down. He made some good plays and he got beat a couple of times obviously. The one play was the fourth down play where he kind of slipped a little bit on the contested throw there to Jordy Nelson. I would have liked to have seen him be able to make that play. Overall, when you take everything into consideration, I've been pleased with what I've seen out of TJ Carrie. Neiko Thorpe, I thought, played very well in the game yesterday. He's a guy that missed a lot of time in training camp with a hamstring injury, but was a guy that we were very high on as we were beginning to play these preseason games. I thought he picked back up where he left off last night. He's a guy that I really think has an opportunity to help us."

Q: Do you like the progress that Khalil Mack made last night?

Coach Allen:"I did. I think, I saw progress from game one to game two. Game three, I saw more progress and I believe everybody else began to see progress because it showed up on the stat sheet. Those are all the things I've been seeing out of Khalil Mack up to this point and those are all the things I know he's capable of doing. He's got an opportunity to be a difference-maker type of player. I think sometimes what happens is, when there's all this hype around a certain player, the expectations become so high, we're very quick to get down on a guy because he's not sacking the quarterback on every single play and he's not stripping the ball or intercepting the ball on every play. You saw him against a good offense last night and you saw some of the things he's capable of doing."

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