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Coach Allen Day 11

Coach Allen: Okay, update injury-wise; nothing really on the guys that have been injured; everything is pretty much status quo on that. [LB] Mario Kurn and [WR] Duke Calhoun, both of them went down with knee injuries today. Both of them looked to be significant, we'll have to go through the process of the MRI but it looked to be both significant, we'll see.

Q: How about [TE Brandon] Myers' shoulder [injury] from yesterday?

Coach Allen: Myers' shoulder injury from yesterday; everything came back negative, which is a good thing. That's one of the few times you ever hear 'negative' and think it's good. That was a good thing so he's a little sore today but we'll evaluate him in the next couple days and see where he's at come game day.  

Q: It seems that you've had a lot of guys go down in the last few days with knees or hamstrings; is that just one of those things?

Coach Allen: Well the knee injuries, those things happen. The hamstrings, we're trying to make sure that number one, we do a good job of rehabbing the guys that have them. Number two is to continue with some of the massages, the stretching, [and] the hot tubs to try to keep them loose and then also really informing them about making sure they stay hydrated because that's one of the biggest reasons for soft-tissue injuries.

Q: With [Terrelle] Pryor having not played at all last year is there any concern with him being too hyped up when Monday night comes around?

Coach Allen: I don't know about being too hyped up. He's going to be excited to go out and play and my talk with him will be 'just go out there and compete and do your best.' We'll see what happens.

Q: How much time do you think Pryor will get in the game?

Coach Allen: I don't know exactly how much it'll be but I would expect to see him get plenty of snaps.

Q: Jack Crawford was back on the field today; do you believe he'll be on the field Monday?

Coach Allen: Don't know yet. He was back on the field for individual [drills] today. We'll see where he's at tomorrow and he'll probably a game-time decision.

Q: What kind of emphasis do you place on actually winning these games? Do you even care about that that much or is it just way down the list?

Coach Allen: It's the only reason why you play the games.

Q: Even the exhibition games?

Coach Allen: Absolutely. We're going to try to win. That doesn't mean we're going to play our starters for four Quarters; we're trying to win the game but we're also trying to evaluate the players that we have here and see who can play and see who we think is going to be able to help us out through the regular season. These games, they don't count, but they matter. If you want to develop a winning attitude the best way is to go out and win games.  

 Q: What do you hope to see from Miles Burris? He has a whole camp working first string with Aaron [Curry] down.

Coach Allen: I think the consistency thing with Miles I want to be able to see him be able to put one [positive] play after another and eliminate some of the young mistakes that he is still making. Every day he goes out there is a growth process with him. The good thing is that you can see improvement. You can see him correcting things he might have made a mistake on before he gets them corrected. So still got a long way to go, but I am hoping to see a little bit of consistency out of him.

Q: Any update on Curry?

Coach Allen: No, no update. He is still in L.A. and I haven't talked to [head athletic trainer H. Rod Martin] yet about what they have discussed. I am sure we will know something later on today.

Q: With Curry out this long, how far could he go without being out on the field before it gets to the point where you can't play him in the open field? Does he need a couple weeks? Does he need an exhibition game?

Coach Allen: Well we are getting closer to that point. I don't know exactly where that is but obviously he was not the same healthy Aaron Curry that we saw on tape last year. We are trying to do everything we can to give him a chance to get healthy so that he can be out there opening night. We are getting closer to that point where that might not be as much of a possibility, it's not there yet.

Q: You got a taste of it last year with the Broncos and this year a little with the fan days. What are your thoughts on playing in front of the Raider Nation on Monday Night Football?

Coach Allen: I am excited about it. I am looking forward to the opportunity to go out there. I am looking forward to the opportunity of our team going out there and competing and getting a chance to show everybody what we have been working so hard to try and accomplish. It will be a fun deal. It will be an exciting time on Monday Night Football against the Dallas Cowboys. Two of the most storied franchises in NFL history. It will be a lot of fun.

Q: With Marcel Reece, obviously you know what he brings to the table, but what do you envision with the new offense and his versatility out there?

Coach Allen: He is going to be a good weapon for us. He was that last year and he will be that again this year. He is a unique player in the fact that he is a really athletic fullback. He has gotten better at the blocking aspect of the game. I would anticipate that we would do some things to exploit some matchups that he presents.

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