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Coach Allen Day 17

Q: Injury updates? Anybody make it back out today?

Coach Allen: DHB [WR Darrius Heyward-Bey] was back today. Richard Gordon left practice a little early. He still has some sore ribs from the game the other day. Other than that, everything is pretty much as it has been.

Q:[DE Richard] Seymour now I don't think has practiced at all since the game. He is not hurt? It is just him?

Coach Allen: No it is not an injury. He is an older veteran guy and his knees get a little sore so we try to rest him to make sure we get him ready to play.

Q: So it is his call? Basically he can or he can't?

Coach Allen: We work together on that. Guys can only get out and they only have so many shots. When a guy gets more age on them you have got to be careful as far as how much you use him. The deal is we have to get him enough work to be able to play or get him ready to play but yet have him ready to play so that we can have him for a full 16 games this year.

Q: Was that the plan all along to rest him? Or did the situation dictate it?

Coach Allen: A little bit of both. I think any time you go into camp you know at some point in time some of these veteran players are going to need some time off. He pushed real hard early in camp and then as we have gotten into camp we have taken more time off with him.

Q: [QB Matt] Leinart, you expect him to play?

Coach Allen: He is fine to play. Whether we play him or not, I don't know the answer to that yet. That will be a game time decision.

Q: Beyond the finger, did he suffer anything else? It looked like he might have suffered a concussion…

Coach Allen: No, we went through the battery of tests and that was not the case. It was just his finger.

Q: With the finger, it is on his non-throwing hand, is there worry that he could jam it or hurt it when he takes the snap?

Coach Allen: Yeah I mean you could, but I wouldn't expect it any more so than normal. The biggest adjustment is going to be handoffs. We feel like we've got a splint to put on and it won't be an issue.

Q: Haven't seen Wiz [C Stefen Wisniewski] so much as being out with the trainers moving around and stuff. Is he pretty much out of this game?

Coach Allen: I wouldn't expect him to play this week. No.

Q: Expect Seymour to play?

Coach Allen: That's the plan.

Q: How did [Andre] Carter's workout go the other day?

Coach Allen: It went all right. We got a good look see. And we will see what we do from there.

Q: With Wiz is it the injury is too significant to play? Or too close to the regular season you want to give it extra time to heal?

Coach Allen: It's a little bit of both. I think if we were in the regular season could he push through and play? Yeah, probably, maybe, I don't know. But we are not going to take that chance right now in a preseason game.

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