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Coach Allen Enjoys Joint Practice Environment


Opening statement**: "I'm going to start off by just saying, what a hell of an atmosphere to practice football in. That's what Raider Nation is really all about, man. That was awesome to see those guys come out and support us like that. It almost felt like, at times, that I had to quiet the crowd down just so we could get some plays off. It was a great atmosphere. It was great work against these guys. There was a lot of stuff going on so it's hard to pay attention to what happened on both fields. But, what I saw was some guys out here competing. I thought we did some good things." 

Q: Many people said that today was sort of indoctrination for the young guys into the Raiders fan base.

Coach Allen:"Yeah, I don't think there's any question. Like I said, that was a great atmosphere. We've got a lot of support, not only in the Oakland area but southern California and really across the country. It was great that Raider Nation came out today to support us and watch us practice. I think they got a good show." 

Q: Do you have any updates on Nick Kasa?

Coach Allen:"I don't have any updates. It's a knee. I don't have any updates. Obviously he'll have to go in and get an MRI. It didn't look good." 



]( You said going in that there would be no tackling to the ground. That's not exactly how it went.

Coach Allen:"Yeah, I think that's what you get sometimes when you get in these competitive environments. I thought it was a lot of good work."

Q: Was the intensity what you wanted?

Coach Allen:"Absolutely. I thought it was great. I mean, I don't like the fights. I want to come out here and practice football. We don't really have a lot of time for fighting. Certainly don't want to get anybody injured in any type of fisticuffs. I thought both teams came out here and competed and I thought both teams got a lot out of today's work."

Q: Looking ahead to your next preseason game, what are hoping to see?

Coach Allen:"Well, I mean I'm hoping to see improvement. Improvement from the first game to the second game. We've got to clean up the penalties. That's obviously been a big point of emphasis. I'm looking for us to go out and make some plays both offensively and defensively. Our guys have worked extremely hard and I think these couple of days against the Cowboys will help us in getting ready for that."

Q: How did you spend your time today? Were you watching both units or more focused on one area?

Coach Allen:"I went back and forth a little bit, probably spent a little more time over here on the offensive field, seeing how we were doing offensively. Got a chance to really see what was going on on both fields. I thought both sides got some good work in."

Q: Did anything jump out at you today as you were going back and forth, a certain play?

Coach Allen:"No, I thought we did some good things in the running game. I thought offensively we did some good things in the running game and I thought there were some times where defensively I thought we were able to get around the quarterback. Obviously we're not tackling the quarterback, so whether they're sacks or not, I think there were some times where we would have got some hits."

Q: Was this one of those ultimate team building exercises?

Coach Allen:"Yeah, no doubt. There is a little bit of us versus them type of mentality when you come into these environments, so it gives our guys an opportunity to go out and compete and bond together as a unit. We've spent a lot of time in the hotel together, and I'm sure we'll be talking about some things that went on during the practice today."

Q: Is this something you would like to see continue?

Coach Allen:"Yeah, I like doing this. This is something that we did in my time with the Saints. I thought it was very productive and it's something that I enjoy doing."


Q: Is there anything longer term that you have you talked to [Dallas Cowboys Head Coach] Jason Garrett about maybe next year?**

Coach Allen:"We'll see about next year. I mean, there hasn't been anything concrete done there, but I'd love to have them come up to Napa next year."

Q: Any updates on the injured guys?

Coach Allen:"No, nothing new. I think we might be able to get Chimdi [Chekwa] back tomorrow. We'll see, but that was really all I had."

Q: Is tomorrow more situational work? What is the difference between the practice plans?

Coach Allen:"Well, not a ton of difference, but there will be some situational type stuff, some third-down stuff, some red zone stuff, two-minute, that type of stuff. Same type of practice though."

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