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Coach Allen Friday

On Rolando McClain's injury report status: "Yeah, he's got a toe, which really cropped up on Wednesday. But he's been able to practice all week a little bit in a limited fashion, but he'll probably be a game-time decision."

On if the injury is turf toe: "It's similar but it's not…I don't know if turf toe is the technical term or not. But technically, it's not turf toe."

On the week of practice: "I thought it was good. I thought we had a good week of practice. I thought the guys were focused in. I think they understand what type of test we have in front of us and I think they're ready to face the challenge."

On if they've thought about activating Aaron Curry with McClain and Keenan Clayton injured: "It'll be a thought, but we don't have to make that decision right now. We'll know more about where Rolando is tomorrow and that'll help us as far as making any type of decisions."

On if they need another linebacker if Clayton can't play: "We'll have a plan either way."

On defending the Buccaneers deep pass: "You have to try to jump high. Listen, they have a lot of confidence in their receivers and their receivers do an outstanding job of, not only going up and getting the ball and catching it at its highest point, but they also do a great job of body control, being able to twist and contort their body and still be able to get their feet down in bounds on those sideline throws. So it's something that we've had to work on a lot this week and it's one of the challenges our guys are going to have to face. At the moment of truth, somebody is going to have to make the play and we need that to be us."

On if the Buccaneers offense is similar to the Chargers: "Same type of receivers. Same type of thought process - throw the ball up there high and let your guys go up and get it. We have to be able to make the play at the moment of truth."

On matching the Buccaneers intensity in the trenches: "You just have to go out and play. We understand that this is going to be a physical football game. We understand that they're fast, athletic, and very physical on both sides of the ball. But we take a lot of pride in being a physical unit also. That'll be one of those challenges that we look forward to."

On bringing the emotion the Raiders have had at the start of road games back home: "I don't think, with the exception of maybe one game this year, I don't think emotion has been the issue. Execution, obviously, hadn't been as good as we needed it to be. I think our guys are excited about coming in here, playing in front of the home crowd. We're 2-1 here at home and we feel like it's a great environment for us to play and we're excited about going in there and playing."

On defending against the Buccaneers kneel-down philosophy: "You just have to be prepared. It's no different than any other play in football. You know what is part of the game plan and you have to be prepared for it and you have to be able to execute in that situation. We have a plan for it and hopefully we'll be in that situation."

On if Coach is okay with the mindset of going after somebody in victory formation: "Listen, it's football, so I don't really have an opinion one way or the other. They're trying to win just like we're trying to win."

On if Curry has done enough to be activated: "I'll make that decision whenever I need to, whenever I feel like it's the right thing for our football team. And we've still got time to do that, so I'm not going to make that decision before I have to."

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