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Coach Allen Friday

On Richard Seymour and Tyvon Branch's game status: "Branch was limited today in practice and Seymour didn't participate. Our plan is to work both those guys out before the game and see where they're at. We'll make our decision on game day."

On the week of practice: "I thought we had one of our better weeks of practice. I think our guys are ready to play and now we just have to go out there on Sunday and play and play the way we're capable of playing and that's what we have to go out and do."

On Chiefs now versus Week 8: "I don't think a whole lot different. I think they're still very similar. Obviously there's been some personnel changes both offensively and defensively, some guys are out. But I think schematically they're very similar in what they do. Defensively, they do a pretty good job down in the red zone and on third down and that's been consistent, the same way it was, when we first played them. Obviously offensively, they run the ball exceptionally well. I think Jamaal Charles is an outstanding running back. I think they're very similar to the way they were the first time we played."

On playing without Dwayne Bowe: "We'll have to see how they end up lining up. We don't know exactly how they're line up. I know Bowe was one of their favorite targets, so we'll have to see how the game plays out, how they try to distribute the ball."

On QB Brady Quinn versus QB Matt Cassel: "I think they're both fairly similar. Brady's probably going to stay in the pocket just a little bit more. I think both of them are good quarterbacks. I think the biggest thing is being able to turn around and hand the ball off to Jamaal Charles and that's the biggest thing we need to make sure we can defend."

On Christo Bilukidi: "From where he came from, a 6th round pick out of Georgia State who played in a two point stance most of the time, he's made a lot of improvement. He's worked extremely hard and obviously he's played a little more than we really would have anticipated, but that's been good for him. It'll be good for him moving forward."

On if they use more than one quarterback, if they'd go to Matt Leinart first or go straight to Terrelle Pryor: "We'll see how the game plays out. If you look at the depth chart, Carson is listed as one, Matt's listed as two, and Terrelle is listed as three, but we'll see how the game plays out as far as that's concerned."

On if Leinart would play ahead of Pryor: "Well it depends on what the circumstances are."

On the run game: "We obviously need to be able to run the football. We want to be able to run the football in this game. But we're going to approach every game, but we're going to play some younger guys, we're going to approach every game with the thought process of trying to win the football game. This isn't preseason. This isn't where you just work on things just to see where you're at. This is regular season NFL football and we're trying to win football games, but in the process we do want to get a chance to look at some young guys."

On if Jamize Olawale will get playing time: "Yeah, I would anticipate that we would see him getting into the game some."

On Olawale: "Yeah, he's done a nice job in a short period of time. Picking up the offense, he's done a nice job."

On if Olawale is like Marcel Reece: "I would say probably similar in some ways. Both of those guys are fullback type players, but also have the ability to run the ball from the tailback position. So I would say they're similar in that regard."

On Andre Carter: "His body is coming along a lot better. He's really beginning to improve a lot, getting back into the swing. Obviously sitting out as long as he did, there was some rust early, but he's moving around a lot better. I would expect to continue to see his snaps increase."

On if he expected the offensive transition to be this hard: "I don't know exactly how much. But I think you realize that any time you come into something and you do something totally new, that there's going to be growing pains. That wasn't a surprise. Obviously, our record is not where I want it to be and we have three games to do something about it."

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