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Coach Allen Preseason Week 1 Postgame


Raiders Head Coach Dennis Allen**: "I'll just start off, first of all, from an injury standpoint, I think we pretty much came out of the game pretty healthy. Keenan Clayton is the only one that got a little nicked up there. We'll see how much time he misses, again. We've been pretty fortunate so far that we haven't had any real serious injuries. A lot of things that are going to be nagging us, but we came out of this game fairly healthy. Overall on the game, I was pleased with the way we played. Obviously, you are always going to look at the game and think there's certain things you can improve on. When it's your first game of the year, we got a lot of improving to do. I thought offensively we were able to move the ball pretty well. We can't have the turnovers. WE have to make sure we get those things corrected. But I thought we were able to move the ball pretty well. I thought we were able to really mix the run and the pass together and move the ball effectively .WE have to be able to, again, put seven on the board when we get those opportunities and not have to settle for field goals. In the second half there, I thought Matt McGloin came in and did a really nice job. Him and Brice Butler had a couple connections there. So that was good to see. I thought Matt Flynn was very composed in the pocket. I thought he did a nice job of moving the team. We had a protection error on the sack-fumble that we have to get shored up. But I thought he was able to move the team. I thought Terrelle Pryor was able to move the team. I was pleased with really the way those three quarterbacks played. Tyler got in at the end of the game and there's still some growing that we have to do with him. But I thought overall it was pretty good. Defensively, I thought the fact that we were able to hold them after the sack-fumble and make them have to kick the field goal, I was pleased with that. We let them move the ball on us a little bit on the second drive, but we were able to bow our backs a little bit and block the field goal at the end the drive. We got a lot of things that are positives but we also have a lot of things we need to work on."

On Terrelle Pryor: "I think you see what the athletic skill set that really excites all of us. The fact that he's really a duel threat – he can run the football. I thought he threw the ball pretty well at times tonight. That's one of the things that we want to try to use that skill set and hopefully it'll be another dimension to our offense.

On Eddy Carmona: "First of all, I think he'd say he was a little disappointed in his performance tonight. I don't know that he kicked off as well as he would have liked to and I really would have liked to see him knock that last field goal through. But overall with where we've been in camp, I've been pleased with what Eddy's been able to do." 

On Pryor's interception: "He should have tucked it and ran it. I think that's one of those things, that's one of the things that we've been talking a lot to our football team about, just playing smart situational football. I think one thing we've got to continue to work with Terrelle is he's always trying to make the big play. He's always trying to make the spectacular play and sometimes the best play is just put the ball underneath your arm and run it, go get the 1st down. Would have given us 1st and goal inside the 5-yard line probably right there because it looked like he could have run the ball for the 1st down. Those are all things that we've got to work on. He'll watch the tape. He'll continue to learn from. He'll continue to grow from it.

On if running quarterbacks try to prove the passing part of their game: "That's one of the traps you want to make sure you don't fall into. The way we look at it is everybody's got a skill set that makes them unique, that makes them different. Everybody's got strengths; everybody's got weaknesses. His ability to run the football is a strength. We want him to use that."

On Flynn's ability to keep downs and distances reasonable: "I think that's what successful offenses do. I think when you watch all the successful offenses and the great quarterbacks, they understand how to keep the chains moving and how to keep themselves in manageable situations. So as long as we can gain positive yards on 1st and 2nd downs, put us in 3rd and manageable, we're going to have a chance to move the ball and we're going to have a chance to keep the chains moving."

On if Pryor will mix in this season: "I fully anticipate Terrelle being able to be a guy that we can mix in there for sure." 

On what Pryor worked on to improve during the off-season: "I think he's gotten better at throwing the football. I think he's worked extremely hard at that. I think he's gotten better at throwing the football. He's improved his decision-making. He's still got some improvement that he's got to make. I think every day he comes out there he gets a little bit better. And that's what we're looking for. I've been pleased with really where we're at from a quarterback standpoint. We still have a lot of work to do, but up to this point I've been pleased." 

On Matt Flynn's skill set: "I think when you look at Matt Flynn you're not going to be wowed because he's the biggest, strongest, fastest, best arm. But that's not what being a great quarterback in this league is all about. Being a great quarterback in this league is more about the mental part of the game than it is the physical part of the game. It's timing, it's decision-making, it's accuracy. Those are some of the things that I see him being able to do."

On Brice Butler: "He's a big target. He's fast. He's able to get in and out breaks. Obviously he was able to do something after the catch today, so that was impressive. I think he's really had an impressive camp. The thing you've got to make sure, with all rookies, is we'll make sure we keep our thumb on him. Make sure he doesn't read too much of the good stuff you're going to write about him and keep him improving."

On Darren McFadden's snaps: "Yeah, we planned on giving him about six to eight reps. I don't know exactly what his play count was, but we wanted to get him a few touches early and get him six or eight plays in the game and then get him out of there."

On if Sio Moore will play some defensive end: "That's something that I see him being able to do. I don't know if I see him doing it 70 snaps in a game. I'm not comparing him to Von Miller who I had in Denver, but we did the same thing with him. I see that being a function that he could potentially provide, serve that role, but obviously we have to continue to improve the pass rush. The fact that really we didn't have Pat Sims. We didn't have Vance Walker. We didn't have Lamarr Houston and we were relatively pretty basic in this game as far as what we were doing and what we asked those guys to do. We have to keep working on the pass rush. We have to keep improving the pass rush. We'll do that."

On the defense: "I didn't like the fact that we let them go there and score in the 3rd quarter, but I thought, overall, I thought we competed. I thought we played pretty smart overall. I think we gave up 16 points in the game. When you can keep the score down like that you've got a chance to win."

On if Tyler Wilson is pressing: "I don't know that he's pressing. I just think that just like most rookies, there's a growing process there for him. He's got to continue to improve from the mental aspect of the game and that's the toughest part for really any quarterback, specifically a rookie."

On the 1st team defense pre-snap adjustments and basics: "I thought we executed as far as that was concerned. I thought we executed that pretty well. Couple of sloppy plays, I thought, but overall really the object is to not let them score and the first team defense only gave up 3 points in the game."

On Nick Roach recovery of blocked field goal: "At the end of the day, you have to make football decisions. The ball came right to him. I'm fine with what Nick did there in that situation."

On Flynn's fumble: "Obviously, there's 11 guys on the field and all 11 of them are responsible for it. But we just cut a guy loose right there. So that's more a function of the protection than it is the quarterback."

On the tight end position: "It's a wide-open position. I think we've got some talented guys, but I'm still waiting on the one guy to really jump up and say, 'it's my job.' Good thing is I think all of them are improving. I think they're all competing and we've got three more preseason games to let that play out." 

On if Marquette King's punts are hard to catch: "Never caught him so I don't know…No, listen, I don't know if they're hard to catch, but obviously it was good that we were able to get that fumble there at the end of the game. That was a good thing."

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