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Coach Allen Thursday

On Denarius Moore returning to practice: "It was very encouraging. He moved around pretty well today. We're going to keep taking a look at him and keep evaluating him. Good news is we don't have to make any type of decision until game day. So I think he moved around well today though."

On keeping eye on Moore: "We won't make any decisions until game day on him. But it was encouraging the way he moved around."

On Stefen Wisniewski's full participation in practice: "That was good. That was very encouraging especially because he's missed a lot of time. It was good for him to get out here and get some work in. Listen, any time you get a chance to get guys back out here practicing, it's a good thing."

On whether Wisniewski will start: "We'll see. We'll evaluate him as we go throughout the week and we'll put the best player that gives us the chance to win the game on Monday, we'll do that every week."

On Derek Hagan: "He's got a little familiarity with the people. The system is different, but I thought for a first day out here in a new system, I thought he did some good things. So that was encouraging."

On bringing Hagan in: "Well, obviously we want to have contingency plans if guys aren't able to play. We brought him in and he did a nice job and I think he'll be ready to go if we call on him Monday night."

On Jacoby Ford's injury: "We haven't gotten any update on him. It's basically still the same. We'll see where he's at later in the week."

On activating a player after injury: "We won't make that decision closer to game day because we don't know where he's at from a conditioning standpoint and getting timing down and all of that good stuff so we'll make that decision and we'll make the decision we think is best for us that will give us the best chance to win.

On why the team brought in Hagan: "He's a veteran player; he's been around. And the fact that he had a nice workout."

On San Diego's offense: "This is a talented offense. It's been a talented offense. [Head] Coach [Norv] Turner does a great job of calling the game. He really stresses your defense and your rules. Their vertical passing game, they like to get the ball down the field and they have a lot of weapons to get the ball to so we've got our work cut out for us defensively trying to keep the ball in front of us."

On San Diego watching Denver film to understand Raiders new defense: "Oh, I'm sure they're doing their homework. No different than we've done our homework. I'm sure they're looking at everything they think we can possibly do and try to get a gauge on what they're going to see on Monday night. It's always a chess match and both staffs I'm sure are doing everything they can to figure out what the other team is going to do."

On whether he enjoys the chess match: "That's part of why you do it. It's a challenge. Obviously the game is played out by the players on the field, but part of the way we compete as coaches is we try to see if we can put together a game plan that makes it hard on them to execute. And when I say them, I'm talking about the other team executing."

On putting too much emphasis on what the other team is going to do: "Listen, we are going to do what we do. You can't reinvent the wheel every single week. You've got certain things that you do, certain concepts you think are effective and that's what we're going to do. And we're going to do the best we can to get our guys prepared to execute our game plan against what San Diego likes to do."

On Brandon Myers: "I'm expecting him to produce like an NFL tight end. That's why he's here. Now, I don't know what those numbers are, that's not for me to determine. I'm not going to put a ceiling on it, but I expect him to play like an NFL-caliber tight end. That's what he is."

On starting the regular season: "It's not about me. It's about this team; it's about this organization. I think all of us are excited about getting started, getting a chance to play on Monday night and this is what you put all the time and effort and all the work in to is to get to these games. And that's why we do it, so we're all excited about getting started."

On an evening practice on Saturday: "Just getting ready for a Monday night game. I've done that before and had success doing that and we're going to do it again this week."

On Kevin Haslam being signed by Chargers: "It's not a concern. I don't know whether it's gamesmanship or not. I'm sure they're trying to do everything they can to help themselves win the game. That's what we try to do, that's what we all try to do. It's part of the league. It happens every week, we just go and prepare and get ready to play whosever on the field."

On preparing any different because of Haslam: "No, I don't think so. Not really. We're going to play against the defensive players they put on the field from an offensive perspective and we're going to play against the offensive players they put on the field from a defensive perspective. So, I don't know that it really changes a whole lot as far as what we do preparation-wise."

On Carson Palmer and Darren McFadden playing together for the first time in a regular season game: "We all feed off of each other. I think Carson can make the wide receivers, the tight ends, the backs, the fullbacks, he can make them better. The offensive line can make those same people better. We all feed off of each other. The more good players we can have out on the field the better we're all going to be. The fact that we have those two guys out there together is a good thing."

On the offense: "I've said this before and I'll continue to say it, we're not where we want to be and we never will be there because we strive for perfection. It's a constant growth process is what this is. Am I pleased with the progress we've made? Absolutely. Are we a finished product of where we need to be? No. And we won't ever stop trying to get there."

On the preseason record: "The records in the preseason have no bearing on how the regular season goes. So that's behind us, we're ready to move on and we're excited about the opportunity of the upcoming season."

On Shawntae Spencer and the secondary: "I think as they've all gotten used to the system and gotten used to playing beside each other and getting a little bit of a feel for where people are going to be, how people like to react to different situations, I've seen growth there. Just like I talk about on offense, same thing on defense, we have to continue to grow. It'll be a growth process this entire season. We're not going to rest. We're going to keep trying to get better every day."

On adding cornerbacks: "I don't know if it's the area of most concern. It's an area that we want to upgrade. We're going to look at this team throughout the year and we're going to everything and anything we can to get better. If that means bringing in another player, we're going to bring in another player. That's just part of the process because our goal is to be the best team and the best team we can be and we'll do whatever we've got to do to get that done."

On if kickoff returners will be Phillip Adams and Taiwan Jones: "We're still evaluating who's going to be the guy on Monday night, but obviously they're back there."

On surprise factor Week 1: "You're going to see some things that are going to be a little different, but in reality, teams are who they are. They're not going to come out and all of a sudden be something totally different. But we need to be ready on offense, defense and the kicking game for any type of unscouted looks we hadn't seen and at the end of the day, we have to apply our rules and play it out."

On whether surprise factor is an edge for Raiders: "I don't know if it's an edge or not. They go to work every day too so I'm sure they have a few new wrinkles for us."

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