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Coach Allen Thursday

On Desmond Bryant, who did not participate in practice: "We're hoping that he's going to be able to practice tomorrow. We'll be able to make a decision after that. We'll wait and see how he does tomorrow and how he practices. That's how our mindset is, and I believe that's what his mindset is also."

On overall team health: "We've got some bumps and bruises. Most of those injuries are not anything that I believe is going to keep us out of a lot games. The guys are banged up a little bit. We took the pads off of them a little bit this week and we're trying to get some of them back."

On more penalties over recent weeks: "Last week we had a few more pre-snap penalties. Those are the ones that we totally control. There's no judgment involved in that at all. Those are the ones we have to try and eliminate to the best of our ability. Some of the things that happen during the play, it comes down to whether the official deems it a penalty or not. That, again, a lot of times, is technique issues that we've got to work on. It's obviously part of what we work on. We try to eliminate those things because they can cost you football games, but they are going to happen in the game."

On playing in Arrowhead Stadium: "I think it's a great environment to play in. It's a tough arena. They've traditionally played very well there. I look forward to going there and playing at their place because I think it's a good environment for football."

On what he learned last year in Denver that he can apply now: "They're different. Their offensive coordinator is different, the scheme is different. Some of their players are the same, but it's a different scheme. We understand that there are some different matchups that we've got to be prepared for. There's not a whole lot of similarities."

On the quote from Tamba Hali: "He's entitled to his opinion."

On how he will use Aaron Curry: "He's an experienced player. Obviously his ability to play multiple positions would certainly help us. Hopefully his health is going to be fine, and we'll be able to get him back out there."

On whether Curry will be active this week: "I'm not ready to make that decision yet. He's been out here practicing. He's been taking reps with the defense. We don't have to make that decision until Saturday, so I'm going to wait until then to make that decision."

On if he discusses ranges with Sebastian Janikowski before the game: "Usually the special teams coach talks to him. I talk more Shane Lechler, because I don't know if Janikowski will tell me the truth every time. He thinks he can kick it from 70 every time. We talk before the game and we have a feel for where's the comfort range, and where's the 'got to have it' range. We've got to plan in every game for that."

On Janikowski's comfort level at Arrowhead: "When he feels comfortable kicking, it makes it a lot easier of a decision for us as coaches."

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