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Coach Allen Thursday

On an update on Rolando McClain:"Really nothing more than we asked him not to come to practice today. There's going to be consequences for his actions. It's a team related-issue, and I don't really want to get into the details of it. But we asked him not to come to practice today.

On if McClain is still on the roster: "He's still on the roster right now."

On if McClain will be on the roster in the foreseeable future: "We've got to make a decision, and I really don't want to get into the details of what we have to do."

On if McClain is suspended at this point: "We have not done anything other than ask him not to come to practice."

On if a suspension is under consideration: "We haven't done anything other than ask him not to come to practice."

On if he spoke to McClain today: "Yes."

On if McClain was in the building today: "No."

On if he expects McClain in the building tomorrow: "I don't know."

On who would play middle linebacker if McClain does not play:"Omar Gaither would play."

On if he's confident with Gaither: "Yeah."

On what Gaither has shown: "He's a veteran player and he understands football. He's started a lot of games in his career. He's a guy that's played. He's picked up on the defense quickly. So we have confidence that he'll be able to go, if that's needed."

On the McClain situation:"You know guys, really, I've really said what I need to say about this. We asked Rolando not to come to practice today. We'll make any decisions that we need to make when that time comes, as an organization. It's a team issue, we're going to keep it within the team."

On if the situation as discussed with the team: "Listen, it's a team issue; we're going to keep it within the team."

On Darren McFadden:"He was limited again in practice, but looked better today. Again, we still have a few days, we'll see where he's at."

On Carson Palmer's injury status:"He took all his reps yesterday, today his thumb was a little sore. We limited his reps. Again, he'll be another one that we'll have to see, as we go through the remainder of the week, where he's at."

On when Palmer got injured: "I'm not sure exactly when it happened. He was able to take all of his reps yesterday and it didn't really seem to be an issue. Today it was bothering him, so we decided to limit his reps."

On if Matt Leinart got the reps: "Yes."

On if Palmer's injury is on the right hand: "Yes."

On if the injury occurred hitting his hand on a helmet at some point:"I'm not real sure."

On Cleveland Browns QB Brandon Weeden:"I think he's a very mature player. He's an older rookie, but yet still young in experience. But he's really developed as the year has gone on. He's done a nice job with some of these young receivers that he's working with. I've seen a lot of improvement out of him, and a lot of good game management situations by him. I think he's going to be a good quarterback in this league."

On why he has not made a decision on McClain yet: "This is something that we have to make a decision as an organization, and we're going to make sure we make the right decision."

On if it sends the wrong signal by not making an immediate decision: "No, I'm not sure what signal anybody is looking for. We're going to make a decision and that's what we're going to do."

On if the issue has gone up the ladder to General Manager Reggie McKenzie and Owner Mark Davis: "Listen guys, it's an organizational issue that we're going to handle."

On when the issue with McClain took place: "It's a team-related issue."

On being a defensive coach and having the defense struggle:"Yeah, it's frustrating. My focus is on the whole team; but obviously I have a defensive background. It's been frustrating because I've seen signs where we could do it, but we haven't been able to be consistent doing it. We've got continue to work to find ways to get more consistent.

On if he believed it would be a lot better when he first came in: "I think anybody that has confidence in themselves believes they could make a difference and make a change. Yeah, I felt like we were going to be pretty good on defense and at times we have been. We have to continue to work to get more consistent, because there have been flashes where we can do it."

On if it's an issue getting defensive schemes across to players or players just not executing:"It's probably a combination of both. I think everybody is working extremely hard to get this corrected and play better. When you look at that, it's a combination of both. We are all in this together, players and coaches. We have to continue to work to get it fixed."

On first Raiders TV blackout in 13 games:"I'm disappointed in that. But the only way we can change that is to go out and try to get a win against Cleveland, and then hopefully we don't have to worry about that at any time in the future."

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