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Coach Allen Thursday

On progress of Richard Seymour: "He had a little bit of a setback today, as far as the hamstring is concerned. We'll evaluate him as we finish out the week. I thought he practiced well yesterday, and then earlier today it kind of grabbed him a little bit, so we'll see."

On Tyvon Branch's injury: "He did not practice again today. He was on the side, working with trainers. I'm hopeful that we'll be able to get him out here and practice a little bit tomorrow. His mindset is that he wants to play this weekend."

On whether Branch could play on Sunday if he doesn't practice tomorrow: "Potentially, yes."

On playing younger players this week: "I don't see any real major changeups as far as the starting lineup is concerned. We do want to see these guys get some game action. How much that is, I don't know exactly right now. The game will dictate how that is."

On playing time of David Ausberry and other tight ends: "They haven't gotten as much playing time offensively, but they've obviously still had a big role for us on special teams."

On whether that will change in the next few weeks: "I think we've had a chance to look at these guys a little bit. I think we kind of know what we've got in these guys. They're still in the lineup, and they'll still be used pretty much the same way we've used them."

On how it feels to have the season coming to an end: "Obviously you realize where you're at in the season. We're focused on one game, and that's Kansas City. That's what we've got to do; we've got to try to take care of business against Kansas City."

On more pressure this week due to home finale and division rivalry: "I think any time that you play a divisional opponent it raises the intensity level of a game. Obviously we want to win here at home. It's our last home game and we want to get a win."

On whether he's drawing attention to Kansas City's recent success in Oakland: "We're all aware of that. There was a big deal made about us going into Kansas City when we went into there, and they've been very successful in that stadium. We've got to go out and execute our game plan and try to get a win."

On if the season has seemed long or if it's flown by: "You try to take it one day at a time. We've obviously had a lot of things that have gone on this year and some adversity that we've had to overcome. You try to not think too much about what's going on on the outside, and just focus in on what you're doing, and take it one day at a time. That's what we're trying to do."

On how he thinks he's changed this season: "You learn every day on the job. Every day you learn. The volume of decisions that you have to make as the head coach you understand. Every day I go up to my office there's something that I've got to deal with. Whether it's personnel issues, discipline issues, game plan issues; there's always something that you have to deal with, and that's the thing that you realize as a head coach."

On whether he still has the same amount of belief in the system as when he installed it: "Absolutely. There's been a lot of change. When there is a lot of change, sometimes you don't get the results that you're looking for right away. But when you believe in something, and you stick to it and you know it's the right plan, it ends up working out."

On how Darren McFadden has looked this week: "Darren's been great, he's been great all week. I haven't noticed anything where he's had any issues at all. I'm really kind of expecting him to be full-go."

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