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Coach Allen Tuesday



Head Coach Dennis Allen. Photo by Tony Gonzales

Q: Do we have any updates on Stefen Wisniewski's injury?

Coach Allen: Nothing other than it's a calf and we'll be monitoring that as we go along, day-to-day.

Q: What did the film tell you and your coaching staff last night after reviewing it?

Coach Allen: It told us that we have a lot of things to clean up as far as the little things are concerned. Our execution wasn't where it needed to be but we still have a long way to go to get where we need to get to.

Q: Last night you said [WR Rod] Streater's stat line looked good but you wanted to see the film to see more of what he did; what did you see specifically from him?

Coach Allen: I thought he did a nice job; he executed like he's been executing all of camp, caught the ball well, was able to get up field and not a lot of wasted movement. I thought Rod Streater played really well.

Q: Jack Crawford was active for the game but he didn't play; can you explain the decision to keep him on the sidelines?  

Coach Allen: He's not ready to go as far as that foot is concerned. There's still a little soreness there so we just thought it was best for us to hold him and not play him in the game.

Q: Any timetable for when he can come into a game? Will he play in this next game?

Coach Allen: I'm not sure about Arizona yet. Again, he really is a day-to-day situation; it's not anything serious but there's obviously still some discomfort there so we're trying to push him through it and we're trying to get him out there as soon as we can.

Q: With how quick this next game is coming up on you, how much can you accomplish in the next couple of days in practice and what do you want to address?

Coach Allen: I think we can get some things accomplished. Obviously we don't have as much time to prepare as we would like, but we are still in training camp mode and there are some things we still have to work on from an execution standpoint. That's going to be my message towards the team. That's going to be our motto is to be able to execute the little things better.

Q: What jumped out at you on the tape that you really liked last night?

Coach Allen: Darren McFadden was obviously very explosive; two explosive gains in the three touches that he had. And then I thought the first team defense played exceptionally well.

Q: What jumped out at you as something you were disappointed with?

Coach Allen: From a special teams standpoint we had a couple of tackles inside the 20-yard line, We muffed two punts, and then we didn't have good operations on our field goal attempts. Those were a couple things. Offensively the dropped passes were obviously a big issue. I thought our tempo in and out of the huddle in the second half wasn't where it needed to be offensively. Those were probably the biggest negatives looking back at the game.

Q: Did you expect to see Darren McFadden so early in the year, especially after not having him most of last year? Was it exciting to see him flash like that early in the game?

Coach Allen: Obviously it was exciting. I don't know if I would say it was surprising. Every time that he touches the ball he is a threat to go the distance. Those are the things we expect out of Darren. I thought our guys did a nice job of blocking up front, both on the screen play and on the explosive run. He's really a guy that you just have to give him a crease and next thing you know he might break it the distance. It's not a surprise but obviously I felt really good about it.

Q: Does Jacoby [Ford] need to do a better job fighting for the ball on the interception Carson Palmer threw?

Coach Allen: Obviously there's a couple things there. Carson thought that safety was a little bit more centered up. It was middle of the field safety so it wasn't a double coverage situation. It's the thing you coach your quarterback to do, to take a shot in those situations. I think Jacoby could have been a little better at the end of the route trying to break that thing up. You're going to take that shot. We want to be aggressive there and we wanted to take a shot and get a big play but it didn't work out for us.

Q: With McFadden is it something where you are going to want to increase his workload a little bit? Or are you still waiting to see how he responds to this one?

Coach Allen: We are going to look at how the week plays out. Darren needs to get his touches so that he goes into the regular season ready to go. That's the most important thing for him; to make sure that he's fully ready to roll when the opening game comes up on Monday night.

Q: Which of the injured players do you expect to be back to practice tomorrow?

Coach Allen: I am not really sure yet who is going to be back. I would hope that we might get a couple of guys back. I think Mike Goodson will probably be back tomorrow. I will look at that again and sit down with the trainer and find out more about who we might have back at practice.

Q: Regarding Mike Goodson, if he is good to go, when is the timetable when he is able to practice of him being able to play in the game against the Cardinals?

Coach Allen: I think if he is able to practice this week we will get him in the game and let him play against Arizona.

Q: There is no concrete cutoff time for getting him into practice prior to getting into that Cardinals game?

Coach Allen: No, we have Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then we play the game on Friday. I would expect that he would need to practice either Wednesday or Thursday to have a chance.

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