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Coach Allen Wednesday

On LB Aaron Curry: "He looked good. He moved around well, so I think the key is to see how he responds tomorrow and we'll continue to monitor him as we go through the week."

On which linebacker positions he worked in: "Yeah, he worked at all the linebacker spots."

On the plan for Curry if he gets activated: "When we cross that bridge, we'll cross the bridge when we come to it. That's not a decision we have to make right now so I think right now the biggest thing is to see where he's at physically, how he responds to a couple of days of practice, how the knee responds to it and we'll make that decision when we need to."

On the challenge for the defense this week: "I think their philosophy is a little bit different in that I think they're a run first team, but it's still going to be a big challenge for us. They've got a good team and I wouldn't let statistics or the record fool anybody. They're perfectly capable of coming in here and winning a football game. We have to make sure we're totally prepared, well prepared for anything they can do. They've had the extra week to get ready for us so we've kind of got to be ready for anything they might do."

On Maurice Jones-Drew: "He does a lot of things really well. He's got great balance. He's tough; he's very quick. He's explosive into the hole, does a nice job in the passing game, both as catching the ball as well as in protection. He's a well-rounded back and he's an extreme talent that will be a challenge for us."

On Jones-Drew being a smaller running back: "He's so compact, he's really hard to knock off his feet. He bounces around in there like a pinball and keeps his balance and keeps going. He runs extremely hard so much like last week, it's going to take 11 hats to the ball and it'll take all of us to try to get him down."

On the Jaguars defense: "They're going to try to get after the quarterback with their front four and mix in a few pressures here and there. They're a little bit more zone coverage probably, but they play fast, they play aggressive and they're a talented group."

On using QB Terrelle Pryor: "No, we've got a quarterback that plays extremely well and we've been very pleased with the way that Carson [Palmer] has played in football games. Obviously, we'll do anything we feel like helps us have a chance to win football games, but right now, we don't feel like that's in our plans."

On G Mike Brisiel: "Brisiel was able to participate in practice today. He's been cleared and I didn't see any ill effects so I anticipate him being fine."

On if Brisiel is completely cleared: "No, he was cleared to practice today in full pads."

On LB Rolando McClain not playing in nickel defense: "We'll see how the season plays out, but I would anticipate we'd stick to that nickel plan."

On McClain against Jacksonville who runs ball more: "Yeah, you have to see what personnel grouping they're trying to run out there on the field and if they're playing a lot of based personnel, then he'll probably play more snaps."

On McClain's response to fewer snaps: "He responded well. He actually played well. He had his most productive game on a per play basis in that football game. I would anticipate him to embrace that role and continue that moving forward."

On T Willie Smith: "Listen, he's still a young player and he still has a lot of improving to do, but I think every day he has a chance to get out there and compete, whether it be in practice or in game situations, he gets a little bit better. Obviously, there was a couple of plays that they were able to get after him a little bit, but I think overall he was able to hold up fairly well."

On if facing tough defensive linemen is good for Smith in the long run: "It's reality. It's the National Football League and every week you go up and you play against talented guys and so he's getting a crash course and he's got to learn fast. We're going to continue to put him out there and let him keep getting better."

On RB Mike Goodson: "I would see as we continue to go and he continues to improve like he's done, I would continue to see a little bit bigger role for him."

On if Goodson's role will help RB Darren McFadden: "Yeah, that can keep him a little bit more fresh too, but all that being said, Darren is our lead back. We're extremely happy we have [Goodson] and he makes life difficult on opposing defenses and they have to plan for him. We're glad we have him out there."

On if they'll use McFadden and Goodson together: "I don't know…we'll see."

On defense holding Atlanta to field goals after Raiders turnovers: "It was encouraging. We talk all the time to our defense about adversity situations and we don't control how we get on the field, all we control is how we get off. That's the attitude that you have to have because they're not going to take it back, so we have to go out there and defend the end zone no matter where we take it over. That's the attitude we have to play with."

On if K Sebastian Janikowski's groin issue was reason for not attempting the 57-yard field goal in Atlanta: "No [the injury was not the issue]. Not that early in the game, a 58-yarder, against that offense. Your percentages, even though Sebastian is very capable of kicking a 58-yarder, I got all the confidence in the world in Sebastian in kicking a 58-yarder, but I think in that situation, against that team, my decision was the right thing to do to try to punt them and pin them back and make them go the long way."

On LB Miles Burris instead of Rolando McClain in nickel defense: "I think when we went back and we looked and saw how many plays that Rolando was playing, it had a factor in his conditioning. We felt like him not playing quite as many plays would help him play better and be more effective and I think it had that effect in this game."

On who has helmet communication on defense: "Philip Wheeler."

On how McClain is doing against the run: "Yeah, in the Atlanta game, he played really well. Again, he had the most production per play in that game that he's had all season. I would hope to continue to see that moving forward."

On WR Denarius Moore being fully healthy: "He seems to be back. He's running routes exceptionally well. He's been explosive in the passing game so I think as we continue to have our receivers be healthy and continue to have a chance to work with Carson, I think they'll get better in their timing and decision making together."

On if the secondary learned everything it needed to from facing QBs Ben Roethlisberger and Peyton Manning: "No, you can't learn everything. You're not going to learn everything in two games. We made improvement and that was last week and now we have to move on to this week and we have to try to continue to make the same improvement this week that we were able to make over the bye and last week. So we've really put that one behind us and we have to move on and get ready for Jacksonville."

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