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Coach Allen Wednesday

On the injury report: "To update you on the injury report, a couple of injuries in practice – Juron Criner got a hip so he was limited in practice. Matt Shaughnessy has a shoulder so he was limited in practice. Mike Mitchell got an ankle so he was limited in practice."

On if any of the injuries were worrisome: "We'll have to get in here with the trainers and see where we're at."

On if Shaughnessy's injury last year is a concern: "I'm not sure exactly…I didn't even ask which shoulder it was. I just know he had a little shoulder irritation. We held him out last period or two of practice and so we'll get in and check him out and see where he's at."

On if the Chiefs would be a better team if they cleaned up the turnovers: "That's the case with everybody. I definitely think this is a team that when you watch the tape and look at the way that they play, they've got the potential to be a lot better than what their record might state. The turnovers have been a major factor both for their offense and for their defense. We understand that this is going to be a big challenge. We understand that they have some weapons both offensively and defensively, as well as in the kicking game, that present some challenges for us. We have to be ready to meet those challenges."

On the Chiefs having a bye week prior to the match up: "Obviously, the fact that they had a week off gives them a chance to get fresh, gives them a chance to go back and look at what they've done over the first part of the season. Gives them a little extra time to prepare for us. That's part of what you go through in the National Football League. I think our guys understand where we're at. I think our guys understand what we need to get done and what we need to accomplish. They've been working extremely hard to try to get those things done."

On playing two teams in a row who are coming off of bye weeks: "I think we all understand what they're going through because we just went through the same thing a couple weeks ago. We know they're going to come out ready to play. They'll be emotionally, physically and mentally ready to play and we have to be ready to meet that challenge."

On Tamba Hali and the Chiefs pass rush: "They've got a couple of really good pass rushers. [Justin] Houston is also a very good pass rusher. So it's some tough match ups. It presents some challenges and we have to understand where they are, especially on passing situations, and make sure we're able to give our quarterback time to throw the ball and execute in the passing game."

On if the Chiefs will flop Hali and Houston:"They do some. They move them around a little bit."

On Lamarr Houston receiving AFC Defensive Player of the Week: "I'm extremely proud of him and the way that he's played. He's a guy that has continued to get better, that's really bought in to the effort part of playing defense. If he continues to do the things that he's been doing, I think his talent will allow him to be a productive player."

On if he sees Houston as eventually being a 3-technique guy: "I see him as a football player and I'm going to let him do the things he can do to help us win football games. Sometimes that's moving inside, sometimes it's playing on the edge. He's been productive for us and done a real nice job for us, so I like the fact that he's got some versatility."

On Houston's play in overtime: "He rushed the passer, saw the ball thrown, turned and ran, and those are opportunities for us to take the ball away when they throw the short passes, with our guys getting out of the stack, and going and making hits on wide receivers and getting the ball out."

On if his hair was on fire: "Well, it looks like his hair is on fire every day."

On Michael Huff's improvement: "I think he's getting used to playing the technique and I also think he's getting used to…there's different things you look for out at the corner position, whether it be splits, alignments, those type of things, that you don't necessarily pay as much attention to when you're playing safety. All the little tricks of the trade are things he's beginning to pick up on and the technique he's been better at."

On the safeties: "I think they've played well. Obviously, we've still got a lot of improvement to make, but they've played better."

On if Huff stays at corner when other corners come back: "I think we'll wait and see. When we have to cross that bridge, we'll make those types of decisions, but right now we're playing him at corner and he's done a nice job for us."

On the increase in number of takeaways: "We didn't get as many as we wanted to last week, but I think a lot of it has to do with the guys preparation. Understanding how the teams are trying to attack us and not being afraid to go make a play and that's what our guys have to do and they've done a better job of that the last couple of weeks."

On if he'd like Carson Palmer to have to throw less because it means the run game is working: "I want to win, whatever it takes to win football games. If it's throwing 50 times a game, we'll do that. If it's running it 50 times a game, we'll do that. Whatever the game dictates for us to have a chance to win the football game, that's what we're going to do."

On Richard Gordon: "He practiced today. We'll see how he goes the rest of the week, but he did practice today."

On Aaron Curry: "He was out here again practicing today. We'll wait until the end of the week and make a decision at the end of the week if we need to do something as far as activating him."

On Brady Quinn: "He's a smart quarterback. He's big; he's strong. He's got a strong arm. He's got athleticism. I think Brady has grown as a quarterback as the years have gone on. I think he's gotten better and better. I think as he continues to fill that role, that he'll continue to get better as a player."

On if Quinn took the scout team role seriously at Denver: "Absolutely, he's a pro in every sense of the word. He comes to work every day and works the right way. I know he'll be prepared and ready to go to face us."

On Shane Lechler's knee: "I don't know if the knee is affecting him at all. He's still an extremely effective punter. He wants to kick it 70 yards every time and reality says you're not going to be able to do that, but I think he's still plenty effective for us."

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