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Coach Allen Wednesday

On the Rolando McClain decision: "Rolando and I met this morning. I laid out exactly what the expectations are of him moving forward. And really that's about it. We're moving on from there and Rolando is part of this team and we're going to move on."

On plans for McClain: "Really where we were at before the suspension is that he was going to fill a backup role and work on special teams and that's we're at and we'll see what happens come game day."

On if he was told he was going to be a backup before the suspension: "Correct."

On if his role was part of the issue: "I'm not getting into the specifics."

On if the McClain situation will be a distraction: "No, it won't be a distraction. We won't allow it to be a distraction."

On moving past McClain's social media comments: "Listen, our guys are professionals. We move forward. Things are said in the heat of the moment and we've got to move on."

On if Terrelle Pryor will see playing time Sunday: "I think there is a chance of that, yes."

On differences in Chiefs since Week 8: "I don't think they've changed a whole lot. I think a little personnel-wise. Obviously without having Dwayne Bowe offensively, I'm sure there will be some differences. In what they're doing defensively, they've had a few personnel changes, so I think that's the biggest difference in what we've seen. I know, obviously, Gary Gibbs is calling the defenses now on game days, so there's been some subtle adjustments and subtle differences. For the most part, it's the same team we saw earlier in the year."

On Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs run game: "I would think that they would turn around and hand the ball off to him. He's one of the more explosive players in the league. I believe he's fifth in the league in rushing right now and he's rushed for 100 yards, I think it's four of the last five games. He's an explosive player on their offense, a guy that can go make plays for them. I would anticipate they would try to get him the ball."

On if he was surprised in the lack of touches for Charles the last time they played: "Yeah and you never know how the game plan is going to work out. Obviously, in that game, he touched the ball five times. I would anticipate they would try to feed him the ball a bit more."

On if he's addressed the team about the tragedies in Kansas City and Dallas: "I think that's the thing that you have to look at. When you look at the football team, and as the head coach, you can't just look at these guys as just football players. They're people and we care about these people on more than just as a football player. So actually we addressed it again this morning in the team meeting and just want our guys to know that we have resources available to help them no matter what the circumstances are. That's really what we're here for is to help them in those situations."

On if he thinks players are afraid to come forward with their issues in fear of losing their roster spot: "Obviously, personal issues always play into account, but the thing I try to stress to the players is that I want them to feel like they can come to us with anything. We want to be there to support them. That doesn't mean that they'll always like the answers we give them, but we want to be here to be supportive of the players and we want to provide that avenue for them to feel open to come discuss that with us. And we've got Lamonte Winston in place here where they can kind of come to him, kind of confidentially, and speak to him on issues. There's certain issues that have to be brought to the forefront and there's certain issues that he can help them with kind of confidentially."

On if Winston can help with issues without Coach or Reggie McKenzie knowing: "Yeah, I think all the major things, the big things, if and when we've had those type of issues, it always kind of goes through Lamonte, and then the player generally comes and addresses that with me or Reggie."

On Rod Streater's ups and downs: "Listen, that's part of being a rookie. You go through…it's a little bit of a roller coaster ride. You have some ups and downs. [Juron] Criner was getting a little bit more playing time and he was getting a little less playing time and then he got the opportunity and made a few plays. That's what it's all about. When you make plays, you play a lot more."

On Richard Seymour: "I thought he looked well and yeah, I think there's a good chance he's going to play this week."

On if McClain has been apologetic: "I'm not going to get into the specifics of what we discussed."

On players feeling the accountability with all the roster moves: "It's the business. It's the National Football League. We've got to produce. When we don't produce, then changes have to be made. I think we all understand that. The players understand that. It's not a personal deal, it's just we've got to produce and so when we're not producing, we have to make some changes and do some things differently."

On Phillip Adams earning his spot: "He'd had some injuries, but I think that he'd done enough over the course of the year, and really specifically over the last couple of games, to warrant a chance to start."

On Tony Bergstrom: "He's going to get some work inside at guard and he's also going to get some work in the tight end position like we've been using him."

On if Bergstrom will play both sides at guard: "Yeah, it could potentially be both sides."

On if he sees Bergstrom at guard long-term: "Yes."

On why they've cut guys like Pat Lee and Ron Bartell and not McClain: "Just different circumstances."

On the circumstances: "I'm not going to get into the specifics."

On why Michael Huff is continuing to play at cornerback when his future is at safety: "Because I think he gives us the best opportunity at corner right now."

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