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Coach Allen Wraps Camp

Coach Allen: I've got a couple of little injury updates real quick. Richard Gordon will be a game-time decision, as well as Tory Humphrey, will be a game-time decision. Everything else is basically how it's been. The guys that have been out for a while, that haven't been practicing, won't play in the game. Everybody else is pretty much good to go.

Q: You said it was Gordon's ribs?

Coach Allen: Ribs, yeah.

Q: Humphrey, it looked like they were working on him yesterday, didn't know if you heard what that was?

Coach Allen: A little hamstring.

Q: With Aaron Curry, obviously he isn't going to be playing in the game this week, correct?

Coach Allen: Correct.

Q: So that takes you to Monday, the next time that he'll have a chance to get out there which gives you two weeks. Is it at that point, to where you'll have to move on with him with the opener at least?

Coach Allen: No, it's not to that point. Now, what role he plays, we'll see. I'm not going to make any decision on him as far as ruling him out ,or not, at least until we get into game week.

Q: You have the in-season PUP available though for him?

Coach Allen: Correct, yes.

Q: How would you sum up training camp?

Coach Allen: I thought it was good work. I thought it was good work. I thought we got a chance to get better. Our guys worked extremely hard. We've still got a long way to go on a lot of things that we've got to continue to improve on. I thought it was a good foundation for what we're trying to build.

Q: [Richard] Seymour, he hasn't practiced all week, but is he going to play?

Coach Allen: The plan is for him to play. But again, he'll be like those other couple of guys, he'll be a game-time decision.

Q: First training camp as a head coach in the National Football League. How has the experience been for you personally and how did you enjoy being up here in Napa?

Coach Allen: I enjoyed it. I think we've got a great situation here in Napa. This is, as far as the setup, it's the best training camp I've ever been a part of from that standpoint. The weather has been great. The hotel has been outstanding, so that's been good. I think our work has been good. I was pleased with what we did here in training camp.

Q: Do you think you maximized the time as much as you could?

Coach Allen: I think we pushed the limit to what we could get done within the constraints of what we're dealt. I thought we used our time efficiently and effectively.

Q: You made it through camp pretty much without adding anybody. Is that more a sign that you're comfortable with the guys you have here or that there just aren't guys out there yet?

Coach Allen: There's a lot of factors that go into it. We've got our cap situation where it is, from a financial standpoint. We feel good about the players that we have. We'll look to add to the roster as we get through probably the 75-man cut and the 53-man cut.

Q: Since the beginning of injuries, there's been almost no movement as far as who the starters are. Have you got the competition you wanted, or have the starters been able to hold off the guys that were competing?

Coach Allen: Yeah, I think there's been good competition throughout camp at different positions. Some of it, because of an injury standpoint, a guy hasn't moved up like you thought he would or a guy has moved up because of an injury. I think there's been competition but the guys that are listed number one on the depth chart right now, we feel like those are the guys that give us the best chance to win.

Q: If there are any guys on the roster that you think you might not be able to keep initially, where do you fall in letting them play and say we've just got to take our chances?

Coach Allen: Well, we're going to do everything we can to keep the guys that we feel like are going to be good football players for us. We'll decide those as we go along. We certainly don't want to make available a guy that we think might be a good player.

Q: So would you not play a guy as much if you think he might not make the initial cut?

Coach Allen: Potentially, if we feel like we've got guys that fit that category.

Q: What happens in Alameda now, that didn't happen here? What's the difference in moving back to the facility?

Coach Allen: The schedule will be more like it was this week. We get a chance to get used to being back at home again. The biggest thing is that I get to go home and see my wife and kids.

Q: Is it different for the players now that they're going to be living off on their own? Do you have to say something to them?

Coach Allen: That's where our veteran leadership on the team has to take over. This is a business. We've all got a job to do. We're all held accountable to a certain standard and we've got to make sure that everybody is there and available, and part of that is taking care of your personal business.

Q: Is everything still the same with Jacoby [Ford] as far as no structural damage?

Coach Allen: There's been no change. It's the same as what we've said before. We're hopeful that we can get him out of a boot pretty soon and see where he's at.

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