Coach Cable Monday


Coach Cable: Okay a quick injury update. Hubbard, McFadden, Stewart, Frye, Waters, Sam Williams did not practice. Chris Johnson has some stiffness and tightness in his hamstring so he did not finish practice. Ford and Schilens did not work this morning but they will this afternoon.

Q: What did you think of Kyle Boller's performance in the game?

Coach Cable:I like it. I liked how he battled. I thought he made some big throws a couple of times to move the team in some situations. The touchdown throw obviously, he kind of moved around on his feet and made a play, so it was positive.

Q: Is this offense, mainly Hue Jackson or is it a blend with everything?

Coach Cable:It is a little bit of both. There are things that are new to it. There are things that are the same so it is a blend.

Q: Coach, how pleased are you with the starting linebackers, and do you foresee anyone pushing the top three out of the starting lineup?

Coach Cable:Yeah, I mean we are not worried so much about who is where yet. I think the group that went out in this first huddle did a good job the other night. I also thought the second team went in and played good as well.

Q: Fullbacks, how is that coming along?

Coach Cable:Well I think that it is good now that we got them all back. Luke back practicing, [We'll get] Alex a little more work this game than last game. He is getting used to what we are doing and understanding it. Marcel did some nice things the other night. So hopefully we can continue to have some growth this week and be good on Saturday.

Q: How about DDarrius Heyward-Bey's development this year?

Coach Cable:He obviously needs to take the work he has done in the spring and camp and take it to the games but in terms of route running and catching it and being able to run after the catch he is much much improved. So I look forward to him getting those opportunities in game to show that.

Q: Is Stanford Routt doing everything you want him to do?

Coach Cable:I have been very pleased with him in camp. I think there has been a change in Stan with his intensity and how he works at it, and it is like everybody, you want to see it carry over to the game but I have been very pleased with him thus far.

Q: How is Kamerion Wimbley fitting in so far?

Coach Cable:Good, that was a great pick up for the Oakland Raiders for a lot of reasons. Run defense, nice coverage skills, good leadership good character. All of those things make him a great football player so that is a real positive for us.

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