Coach Cable Monday


Q: After you reviewed the game film, anything stand out?

Coach Cable:Yeah, the long run concerned me. We got cut out of the gap and we didn't play it very well from the backside. That concerned me and was really something that could've been prevented. We just didn't play it very well. I felt like defensively, we played team defense for about 2/3 of the game, but a third of the time just some break downs here and there. There were a couple of missed assignments, guys not running to the ball, guys came out of coverage. The one touchdown we gave up we took our eyes off our man to man coverage. Things like that. Fortunately these are all things we can fix so I'm excited about that, but I'd rather it didn't happen. The next thing, probably the offense, nice start in terms of first drive obviously. But I think there was a lot more out there for us running the football. We didn't execute that part of it very well and we need to clean some things up on the line.

Q: What are your thoughts so far on the kick returners coach?

Coach Cable:I'm excited because I think we have definitely upgraded the people there in terms of some depth and all that. We missed a great opportunity twice on the kickoff return for some big returns. Even just to start the game, missed a block that would've really put the returner one on one with the kicker. And having seen that on film, I'm a little disappointed in that, but it's very fixable. I am excited to go back to practice tomorrow to get to work on those kinds of things because we are so close.

Q: For all the guys injured for this game, who do you expect back at practice tomorrow?

Coach Cable:I think most of them. The only guy who probably we won't get back looks to be Chaz Schilens. He's actually seeing a specialist for a knee issue and he may need a scope procedure done. We'll find that out as well this afternoon, but I think we're getting a lot of those guys back this afternoon, like Darren McFadden, Darrius Heyward-Bey. A majority of those guys will be back tomorrow.

Q: How concerned are you with Schilens?

Coach Cable:Well I'm very concerned, it's been a tough road for him. We get through the foot thing now and something else just came up for him. But we'll take care of it and get him back as soon as we can.

Q: Given the way the rest of the receivers have played, is that going to reassure you that the other guys can make plays out there?

Coach Cable:Well I think the group's developing, and it was nice to see Jacoby Ford being able to contribute the other night. He did some nice things against a couple of tough coverage looks and had the discipline to run the routes right and caught the football. So yeah, I am encouraged by that group. Hopefully we don't lose Chaz for any time period but if it does happen I think we can go ahead with that group.

Q: What did you expect out of Kamerion Wimbley when you got him in the offseason, has he exceeded  those expectations at all this far?

Coach Cable:I think he is who we thought he was. He played outside linebacker at Cleveland, that's what he has been known for, he's done a fine job of it here. And our plan all along as we talked about was to use him on third down in terms of rushing the passer. He showed up the other night so that's exciting for our team but I think he is exactly who we thought. He'd be a guy who would rush the passer in passing situations and play the SAM linebacker on the other downs.

Q: As big as the sacks were, how important was it to see him on that one play stay with TE Greg Olsen down the sideline and do a pretty good job in coverage too?

Coach Cable:Absolutely, I think that play from a coaching standpoint was as big if not bigger than the sacks, I think that was something we were waiting to see and Olsen is a quality, quality player I think it shows Kam's got the ability to do those things and it certainly brings something to our defense.

Q: What makes him such a good pass rusher?

Coach Cable:Well, I think he has great speed off the edge, he is a dynamic rusher is terms of what he is doing with his hands and his pass rush moves, he works on it diligently. To me, I think if you look back on the history of him even coming out of Florida State, that's always been his one real niche is the fact that he could get to the quarterback, so I just think it is the combination of his speed, athleticism, when a guy understands what he's doing in terms of technique when he's rushing the passer.

Q: How would you assess the fullback situation at this time?

Coach Cable:I think we are getting some nice play out of Marcel Reece, I think he is improving definitely, even if you take away the screen play he made a nice run on. I like where he's going as a blocker, he's becoming more and more physical with each game and he certainly understands now what we're asking him to do. He's been good at pass protection and I think he's improving and that's good to see. Manase Tonga, he has shown some things  being physical and asserting himself in that way, caught the ball well the other night. It was good to get Luke Lawton back in the mix, he's been out for quite some time. So I think there is some good competition there.

Q: What have you seen out of Rolando McClain in these first two games?

Coach Cable:I've seen great awareness, great speed to the ball; I've seen excellent pass defense; I've seen a guy who is around the ball in the run game. He would probably be the first to tell you he needs to pull the trigger a little more. His recognition, the speed of it, getting to the ball has been excellent. The thing I've been most pleased about though; is he has done a nice job of getting us lined up and adjusting. And in the pass defense I think he has been more than we thought.

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