Coach Cable Monday Media Session


Coach Cable: An addition, the eighth and final practice squad member is Kevin Brock, last with Dallas, at the TE position, he will give us some much needed help there. Practice today was lot of fun - I think that is the best way to out it. There was a good energy about our football team, got to feel some heat today, some warmth which is good obviously for where we are headed. All of the tempo, the attitude, the effort today was very good.

Q: What do you do about the heat? You obviously can't make it as hot as it will be out there, what do you do for preparation?

A: The things you do, take care of your body during the week, you have to do those things no matter what and the next thing is just the mindset. We've all been in it before at different times, it's kind of like playing in the cold you've been there and done that. It's not going to warm up today or cool down today; it is what it is and you'll have to deal with it. To me it's a mentality, it's knowing what you're going into, having your body prepared to do it and then not worrying about it because you've already done it in your brain and know it's going to be tough and that's what it is.

Q: How did playing in Dallas and Chicago prepare you for going into a hostile environment like Nashville?

A: I think it was good – both of them, in regards to the hostile environment. It was warm in Dallas, not as warm as we would have hoped for in Chicago. It was good for us to go on the road, two long trips like that back to back, we handled it well. I think that part we are kind of used to as we get ready to go out there this weekend.

Q: What kind of test is Titans RB Chris Johnson going to give your run defense right out of the gate?

A: He's good. He's probably the best there is in this league. He's got a tremendous group blocking for him and good tight ends, the quarterback is a threat also so you can't put all your focus on just the one guy. He's got good players around him so he'll be a good test there's no question.

Q: There are a couple guys in the locker room saying it is great to face Johnson and St. Louis Rams RB Steven Jackson right off the bat, the run defense has been such a focus, but is there too much of a danger in making those two guys the holy grail of everything you want to accomplish?

A: I don't think we are going that far with it, but it does have to have a great emphasis, it really does. If we are going to be the kind of football team we want to be, we are going to have to play really well against those two players. I think to put an effort to it and an attention to it is pretty fair.

Q: Jeff Fisher and the Titans have a reputation for being a physical team, how do you match up with them?

A: Well, to me you've got two teams that are similar.  They are pretty simple in terms of what they try to do defensively.  They don't try to trick you, they just try to beat you, and they do it with effort and intensity.  They've got a bunch of good athletes on that side of the ball. So we are similar that way, we don't try to trick you on defense, you know what we are and where we are going to be, we've got to play hard and tackle and do all of those things.  Offensively, again, they've got a special player at the running back position, but they've also got a lot of good players, the Quarterback is dynamic, Tight End is a good player, Receivers are good players, so you've just got to play great team defense that day.  It'll come down to who can be physical and who can last the longest.

Q: You talked about wanting to see LB Rolando McClain pull the trigger more, what have you seen from him since then, and is that something you have to wait until the game to see?

A: It's happening and it's been fun to see.  We saw a little more against San Francisco.  I made that statement after the Chicago game and sure enough there it was.  He didn't play against Seattle so I think he understands now what is needed of him and what we are asking him to do, and I look forward to him playing on Sunday.

Q: He seems so calm, demeanor wise.  Have you seen moments where he is frustrated or upset or does he constantly put that in the background and focus on the next thing that is coming as if he's a guy who is 27 or 28 years old?

A: Yeah, he does, he's not one to dwell on things, he moves forward and doesn't let the last one beat him the next time.  As I've told you before, he's well schooled that way.  There's really no reason for him or anyone else to be uptight or nervous.  We've got a good football team and its just a matter of going out and playing the game, our way, with our purpose.  There's a way for us to play now and it's not beating ourselves, that's first and foremost, and I think we understand that about ourselves.  Go play the opponent, line up and play them with everything you've got and eliminate the negative football, and I think that's what we've learned to do and I think we've figured out that's what we are.  If we can do that we have a great chance.

Q: Back to McClain, do you see that mean streak in him?  Middle linebackers set the tone for so many defenses, do you see that in him?

A: I see that in a lot of players on our defense.  He definitely has shown the ability to pull the trigger and I think that's what excites me more than anything else.  He's a really talented guy, he definitely has a orneriness about him when he plays the game.  As he grows, learning the NFL and what the game is about at this level he's just going to get better and better.

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