Coach Cable Post-Game Q&A


Raiders Head Coach Tom Cable addressed the media after the Silver and Black's stunning come from behind 13-10 win over the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.


Coach Cable On the game: "First thing is first, we did win the football game and that is really what matters here. We didn't turn the ball over, which was obviously to our advantage. We got a couple turnovers and S Michael Huff showed up again. To come here on the road and know what you are getting into with the crowd, the noise and the pressures, I did not think we handled it very well. The thing I am proud of is winning the football game and it was a huge step the Oakland Raiders took today, having a chance to do something. At the end of the game, we were behind and we haven't been able to do that for a few years. All of a sudden QB JaMarcus Russell looks like he is in total control, he's on target, he is on time, he got some decent protection and then all of a sudden we look like we are okay. That is something to build on, obviously, because we have been in that situation a number of times and I can say that I think we played 60 minutes today, which is a big deal coming off of a Monday night."

How did Russell go from struggling to winning?


Coach Cable:"I really can't explain it; he was just really out of rhythm. We talked about the last series before he went out on the field from the sideline and he looked as wide eyed and ready to go as he did all game. Certainly, that gave me some comfort and then he went out there and executed it. Hats off to him on the last drive."

Would you say Russell worked better under pressure?

Coach Cable: "The one good thing about JaMarcus is nothing really bothers him and I think it showed up there at the end."

On his play call to score the final touchdown?


Coach Cable:"I just went with my gut there. I really didn't think about it until after we scored but we did the same thing last year too. I knew after declining the penalty the ball was on the five or six and I knew the play would be there if we needed a big play like that and (RB Darren McFadden) is a pretty good player."

Can you talk about the defense?

Coach Cable: "Again, as I just told you, hats off to them. They hung in there and got out of drives when they needed to and really only gave up the one throw for their go-ahead touchdown. It is the character of this team and who we are becoming but we have got to get a lot better on offense."

Can you talk about S Michael Huff?


Coach Cable:"He understands what we are doing, he lines up and has a great feel and great instincts in the nickel situation. It has shown up in these last two games."

How did you come away with a win?


Coach Cable:"Winning is winning in this league and it could have gone our way the other night, just as simple, but today it did. Right now, that needs to be the focus. Let's worry about the things that went wrong tomorrow. Let's give this team some kudos for having enough intestinal fortitude to keep fighting and battle like they did at the end. You guys have written about them for a long time and they haven't done that in the past."

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