Coach Cable Sunday Transcript


Coach Cable: Happy Sunday. Okay quick injury update, Jacoby Ford did a little bit of individual with the first warm-up, more of an evaluation to see where he was at. We should get him back into the mix pretty quick. Paul Hubbard has a tight hamstring, didn't work. Luke Lawton, with a concussion, didn't work. Darren McFadden, with a tight hamstring, didn't work. Charlie Frye, with a wrist, Bruce Gradkowski, with a groin, and Jay Richardson has a sore knee, so all those guys didn't work today. Introduced Dallas a little bit today, kind of slowed it down just to teach them what 'look' teams are, and the scout team, what all that means. Other than that, good work doing the blitz period, I didn't think we caught the ball all that well during the blitz period. Hopefully we'll come back tomorrow and clean that up a little bit. But good work for us today, good walkthrough this morning and we're trying to freshen them up just a little bit.

Q: Starting to sense that they are getting antsy and want to get out of here and go play a game?

Coach Cable:Well, I think so. The game is on here in about 15-20 minutes, so we'll get a chance to all go watch it. So we'll get it on TV a little bit and see what they are doing.

Q: Do you have a new quarterback?

Coach Cable:We do have a new quarterback. Colt Brennan has been added to the mix. We released Jonathan Holland. And Colt [has been signed], obviously because the other two quarterbacks have been down.

Q: At this point, is Colt going to have to play in that game?

Coach Cable:I think that's why we did it. In case both those guys are still out by the time we leave Wednesday, it would give us a chance to finish the game up with him.  Yeah.

Q: What did Colt show you briefly. He had a couple of series out there, what did you think?

Coach Cable:We're fortunate because some of the terminology, there's some carryover from where he came. So that helped him a little bit to be able to step in there. But we will have to be able to catch him up, certainly.

Q: Does having Jason Campbell here help him?

Coach Cable:Absolutely.

Q: Alex Daniels has a new jersey, now wearing number 39 in white. No more defense for him?

Coach Cable:Nope, no more defense for him. We are going to move him over there and take it out of the experiment category and put it into the realistic category and see if we can develop him.

Q: As that a sign that he's done well so far?

Coach Cable:I think so. There are some positives to it. He's been rushing the passer here for a couple years at Cincinnati.  But when he was at Minnesota, obviously he played running back so he's got some background there.

Q: He was pretty much a ball carrier, wasn't he? His blocking, his he just a big guy that can push people or does he have some technique to him?

Coach Cable:No, he actually does. And I think that's why, instead of waiting to see, we've seen enough here already to say, 'Hey, there's a real chance here.'

Q: For tomorrow's practice, do you plan on speeding up what you did today, or are you going to be planning to add more?

Coach Cable:We're still doing some install work for our football team. And then we'll still do a little bit of work with Dallas. So it will be a combination of both.

Q: How do you think you caught the ball prior to today? It still seems to me that there is the occasional drop, is it better than last year?

Coach Cable:Yes, by far. With all the charting that we've been doing, we're miles and miles ahead that way. But what I didn't like today is that we were doing a critical drill that was against the blitz. We are getting some things protected and getting the ball out, but we just have to make those plays catching it. I think there were three or four of them, and that's too many.

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