Coach Del Rio: "There's no consolation in this league"


Q: Was Latavius Murray injured?**

Coach Del Rio:"He was a little banged, but he was available."

Q: This is the second time where late in the game he hasn't been involved. Is there anything you're seeing that prevents him from playing?

Coach Del Rio:"Just a little banged up like I said."

Q: After a game like this, are you disappointed in the team or do you feel great about them?

Coach Del Rio:"I feel great about my team. I feel disappointed for the men in that locker room that we don't get to enjoy the fruits of a victory. There's no consolation in this league for playing hard and playing well enough to keep it close and have opportunities. I'm disappointed for all the men in that room and how hard they've worked, but we will continue to attack these games and look for better results."

Q: On Derek Carr's interception, was that to Seth Roberts? What was the problem you saw?

Coach Del Rio:"Well from the vantage point that I saw, he was wide open and I don't know if we missed him or if he didn't look for the ball. The live view and the quick view I saw on the replay, it had a chance to be a catch and run and an explosive play and a first down and points for us and it turned into a pick six going the other way."


Q: It looked like every tackle Charles Woodson made was with his shoulder. Was that a heroic effort?**

Coach Del Rio:"Unbelievable what he's doing. Just to playing alone at 39 years old is incredible. But to be such a productive player and making big plays in the game. Clearly he's banged up, but he's fighting through the pain. His pain threshold is off the charts. I'm really proud of the effort that we're getting from our guys."

Q: Is Sebastian Janikowski OK physically?

Coach Del Rio:"As far as I know, he's fine. He's had many great days and today wasn't one of them."

Q: Is this game a step back for your quarterback or just part of the game?

Coach Del Rio:"I would say the latter of what you just said."

Q: On the fourth-and-19, what did you see that made you think that was the best shot?

Coach Del Rio:"I really don't have answer for that. Plays that don't end up working you end up having a question about."

Q: How did the defense play as a whole?

Coach Del Rio:"I thought we gave ourselves a chance in the football game. We got off the field on third down. We've been really solid against the run. There's some positives. There's always positives. You know I don't like to sit up here and try to pick out positives on the day after a loss. We take our lumps. I'm not happy about it. We're not happy about it. We expected to win the game. It didn't happen. They earned it. Give them the credit and we'll move forward."

Q: How tough is it to get back into the game after a pick like that?

Coach Del Rio:"I don't think we have any problem playing football and getting ourselves back in the battle. I don't see any problem with that with this football team. I think snap back, get on to the next play. If we need to pick each other up, we do it, and we get back to work."

Q: Do you feel like your offensive line played well against Denver's pass rush?

Coach Del Rio:"I hate to give the cliché answer, I have to look at the tape, but when I look at the stats I see four sacks. That's too many."

Q: How'd they keep Amari Cooper from getting through?

Coach Del Rio:"I thought he was free a couple of times. We had him on that late PI [pass interference] we had him down on the field for a big one and they chose to make a penalty there and give us that yardage via penalty versus a catch. The effectiveness of going to him and taking advantage of his abilities, I thought we did a decent job of that, in particular early."

Q: You had a long drive for 80 yards. Do you credit their defense for getting it together after?

Coach Del Rio:"You're talking about the third drive of the game? Yeah. I thought the first three drives of the game we moved the ball with purpose and moved it pretty well. I think as you look through the rest of the ball game, we end up missing two field goals on two turnovers, so we get zero points. We have a fumble, an interception and if you're turning the football over you're not giving yourself a chance to drive the ball. We preach that, work hard at that, not having turnovers and they were able to generate a couple that take away your ability to move the ball."

Q: You had the fumble at the start of the second. How big is that?

Coach Del Rio:"It's definitely a big point in the game."

Q: Did your team do a better job of covering the tight ends today?

Coach Del Rio:"Since we've been getting killed on that subject, I guess we'll just say that we finally got it right today."

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