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Coach Jackson Friday


Head Coach Hue Jackson. Photo by Tony Gonzales

Q: How big of a concern is it not having Chris [Johnson] going against a team that likes to spread the offense?

Coach Jackson: Next man up. Next man up; can't worry about it. I mean he's out, he's out and the next guy's got to play.

Q: So would someone like [Matt] Shaughnessy – is it more likely for a defensive guy to be able to go maybe without practicing all week?

Coach Jackson: I can see your point, but I still think it'd be based on the player. Just what kind of player is the guy, does he have a high-pain threshold, all those different things that you have to take into consideration. But again, we're going to put the most healthy players out there that we can. The number one objective is to win the game, but also make sure that we have healthy players.

Q: Lots of times, guys that don't practice Friday don't play…

Coach Jackson: Oh yeah, no doubt. I totally agree with that. I'm not going to say we're adopting that policy, but again, I'm going to make sure that these guys can play and contribute and if they can't, we won't put them out there.

Q: Is that determined like Sunday, the day of the game?

Coach Jackson: Some situations and cases, they are. Some situations and cases, I might determine tonight. You sit there and you just feel better about somebody else doing the job, so we'll figure it out.

Q: With [Michael] Huff and [Ricky] Brown both having concussions, are they still on schedule to test and everything?

Coach Jackson: Yes. I think that issue is beyond them, but there is still other protocol that you have to follow as far as that situation is concerned.

Q: Will they go until Sunday before you are able to decide on them then?

Coach Jackson: Possibly. Like I said, there's still other factors. Once you pass a test, then there's still other factors you have to pass that's outside of the test. So, we'll just keep working through those.

Q: With Jacoby [Ford] – I know you said yesterday he was fine and today he's questionable, but if he plays, is it going to be a thing where you can use him both on special teams and receiver or are you just bound to maybe just ease him in at this point?

Coach Jackson: You know, that's another thing to work through also and just kind of see totally where he is. Sometimes when these guys are practicing like this when they've been out, it takes a day or two to find out exactly where they are after they've been pounding and running a little bit. So, I'll have a little bit better thought process once I get a chance to go in, talk to our medical people and talk to the young man and see where we are.

Q: Maybe a few years removed from that Super Bowl where the Giants beat the Patriots, but you make Mike Waufle back on staff with the Raiders. How much have you relied on him and also, Richard Seymour, because he was on the inside of New England. How much do you rely on those guys?

Coach Jackson: Hey, I look for every bit of information I can get. Mike Waufle's been great; Richard Seymour has been great, but at the end of the day, it's the Raiders versus the Patriots. It's our fans, it's our city, it's our organization, it's our stadium and we've got to show up and play football.

Q: What did Jarvis Moss show you from the end of last year and what he's done this year? The game the other day was probably his best game here…

Coach Jackson: No doubt. He's gained weight. I remember talking to him once we signed him back. He said, 'Coach, I'm all in. Whatever you need, I'm ready to go.' He said, 'I'm going to be a different player this year,' and he's done that. He has been a different player and he needs to continue to get better and keep working at it.

Q: Here was a guy – I think they were doing 3-4 and they weren't sure whether he was a linebacker or defensive end. It was pretty obvious in the system here that that's what he was going to be as soon as he got here…

Coach Jackson: Right. It goes back to the same thing – put players in a position to make plays. I mean, he is a true defensive end and he's done a good job at it.

Q: Is he stout enough to start if you need him, if Shaughnessy can't go?

Coach Jackson: I think so. He's proven that he can – I mean, he's a wiry guy. He's 257 pounds and he'll fight you. I see him take on blocks, I see him fight his tail off. He's excited about being out there; he wants to be out there every play so if something comes up where we can't go with certain guys, I feel comfortable putting him in there.

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