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Coach Jackson addressed the media following practice. Photo by Tony Gonzales

Q: Did something happen with [Darrius] Heyward-Bey during practice?

Coach Jackson: Oh, yeah.

Q: Concerning?

Coach Jackson: Well, we'll see. We'll get him in, check on him, see where we are, and hopefully we'll be okay.

Q: Is it something where he'll have to go for test?

Coach Jackson: I don't know that for sure. I just know he didn't finish.

Q: How did Campbell get hurt in the game?

Coach Jackson: Oh, I think that is just basic, running around, practicing, going 1000 miles per hour, planting on it, doing all of that. I think he's fine and he'll be alright.

Q:Any idea why you did so well in the division last year and then struggled outside of it?

Coach Jackson: Us? Why did we do so well in the division, but struggle outside of the division? I don't have the blueprint for that just yet. I just know right now that we are trying to approach and prepare a lot differently than we have. We were very good a year ago in the division and we started off that way this year. Now, the test is to make sure that we win outside of the division. We haven't had a game yet, but we have one on Sunday and we're going to get a chance to show that we are ready for that task. Obviously, it is something that we need to get done to attain our goals. I think it's very clear in our player's minds and our coaches' minds on what we need to do and I think we are looking forward to it.

Q: So does it take even more preparation for an unfamiliar opponent?

Coach Jackson: Yes it does. They are not in our division and the other teams we play twice; we play once at home and once in their stadium. Obviously, when you play someone only once, there is some different preparation that you have to do and I think we're doing that. Again, Buffalo is a very good football team and we understand that. It's going to be a tremendous challenge and we're looking forward to it.

Q: Is there still a chance that [Michael] Huff and [Jacoby] Ford play on Sunday?

Coach Jackson: There's a chance and there's always a chance for anything. Obviously, as we get closer to the end of the week, there's decisions that have to be made. I think that with those guys, there is still a possibility.

Q: Who is your next safety up?

Coach Jackson: Matt [Giordano] and Jerome Boyd.

Q: Matt ahead of Jerome?

Coach Jackson: I think it all depends on what package we play in.

Q: In a base?

Coach Jackson: Still it all depends on what we're trying to accomplish within that base defense.

Q: The play of the defensive line against the Broncos, there was a lot of substitution in and out, a lot of keeping people fresh. Was part of it the altitude or a set rotation or guys just putting up their hands signaling for a substitution?

Coach Jackson: I want our players to stay as fresh as they can. Obviously, we have our starters and a very good first group, but we also have players in the second group that can really play. I think what we do is to try to have a rotation and sometimes with different circumstances, maybe the series is going longer than what you thought it could or maybe a guy gets winded and we do give him a little latitude that if you need a break to come on out. Obviously, we want to keep our first guys in there as long as we can, that's why they are the starters, but the other guys do deserve the opportunity to play, they did, and a lot of those guys did well.

Q: Are you comfortable with having a lot of those guys in regardless of down and distance or are there certain guys you want in on certain down and distance?

Coach Jackson: Like I said, you'd like to have your starters every play if you can. Right now, at the beginning of the season, I think everybody is finding their wind and finding everything. But we also want to have a fresh team out there when we are trying to rush the quarterback or stop the run. Yeah, you'd love to have Richard [Seymour] and Tommy [Kelly] play every play if they can, as well as [Matt] Shaughnessy and Lamarr Houston. But we  do feel very comfortable with Des Bryant, we feel very comfortable with Trevor Scott, and feel comfortable with Jarvis Moss. Those guys have worked very hard and they deserve the opportunity to go in there and play. John Henderson with what he brings to the team is invaluable. Are there certain situations you wish one guy was playing in? Yes, or maybe no. It all depends on how it all shakes down.

Q: Have you been with a team before that has had this many good defensive linemen?

Coach Jackson: Maybe not this many, but I've been around some teams that had six guys, maybe even seven. But eight, that's kind of unbelievable.

Q: What does [Kamerion] Wimbley give you?

Coach Jackson: Oh wow. He gives you another flexible player and, again, that is the name of the game because sometimes it is a game of match-ups. Maybe a guy will play another guy a little different than another guy will, so we do have that versatility within that group to put several guys down there and let them rush. That's a good problem to have.

Q: Will Denarius [Moore] get a shot at returning kicks if Jacoby is not going this week?

Coach Jackson: We'll see. Again, we haven't determined anything final yet but obviously he can do that. He's done it in preseason and he's always up to the challenge; I promise you that.

Q: Mike [Waufle] had a lot of success in New York with the multiple defensive linemen and fresh rotation. Were you a big believer in that?

Coach Jackson: Yes, I do. I believe, because what happens is in the fourth quarter when you need to win the game, those guys who played in the first quarter are probably not as fresh as they need to be to finish the game. I thought the other night that was one of the advantages that we had when it came to the fourth quarter when we need to rise up and make some plays, the first group was in there and those guys were battling. And it was because they were not worn out from the first or second quarter and that's a good problem to have.

Q: Last year you turned in some dominate performances and then after three in row, not so much. Last week, you dominated both lines of scrimmage. How do you develop consistency that you are bringing it every week?

Coach Jackson: You have to, that's what we have to do. It is something that I've talked about with our team, our staff. We have to come out with a purpose and consistency every week. That's the name of the game. You cannot have a fall off. There's no such thing. When we do, it's going to be because we played bad. It won't be because we're not trying. I don't believe in that. The bottom line is this is pro football and we get paid to play and we get paid to coach. You have to show up to the game and play and you have to show up to the game to coach. There are no off days and no such thing. You have to go to work, that is what the expectation is, and that is what I demand from these guys, and that's what we're going to do.

Q: Are you convinced yet that Kevin Boss will be available?

Coach Jackson: I mean, I know he's done some things out here. I'm not totally sure where he is. I think he's definitely getting closer but I'll get a better feel for it tomorrow because I think when you've had injuries, you have to let the next day come and the next day come to see where your body is. So, I think we are getting closer, but to make a final decision right now, I don't think we need to.

Q: With these injuries, Nick Miller will probably be the next up receiver. What has he shown you last year and this preseason?

Coach Jackson: That he is accountable and dependable. He's there, he's been here, he knows me, knows our system, and knows what we're trying to accomplish. If and when we need Nick, Nick will always answer the challenge.

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